John Bidwell
My advice to anyone entering a clay shooting competition for the first time is to get a copy of the rules, and study them closely.

Only by having a clear understanding of procedure and protocol will you be able to thoroughly enjoy the event, and avoid potentially embarrassing situations so far as the referee is concerned.

In fact it’s the referee who will keep you and the rest of your squad within the rules on everything from gun position to no birds, gun malfunctions and lots more besides.

To answer your question (and quote rule 3.1.1): “Shooters must adopt the ready position, i.e. standing with both feet within the limits of the shooting stand, with the heel of the gun stock touching the body under a horizontal line marked on the shooter’s jacket.

This line is 25 cm (9.85in) below the axis of the shoulder and in parallel with this axis. Shooters must remain in this position until the target is released and is visible.”

I would urge anyone who’s thinking of shooting FITASC Sporting to read the rules by clicking on In fact it wouldn’t do any harm for any FITASC shooter to do the same – it’s surprising what you can forget, or take for granted, over a number of years!

And the same applies to shooters of all the other disciplines too!