clayshooting lesson on crossers

Clayshooting lesson on long, slow crossers

Jonty has has been enjoying his Krieghoff Parcours, which he has shot with for about a year and uses ¾ choke in both barrels with No8 shot Gamebore White Gold cartridges. He also offers tuition for gameshooters at the Crabtree Clay Shoot. A clayshooting lesson on crossers Jonty said: “With…

Skeet layout target practice

Do you know the four basics for competent shooting?

There are four basic building blocks for shotgun competence in clay and gameshooting. Stance and balance. Gun-mount and the avoidance of head lifting. Gun-swing and an understanding 
of the gun and target movement. Lead or forward allowance. Target practice The best place to rehearse and train these competencies is on…

A-lister celebrities who have shot clays for charity

via GIPHY Sir Sean Connery The original James Bond stirred himself on the clay ground when he was part of Sir Jackie Stewart’s Rolex Celebrity Challenge at Gleneagles Shooting School. The charitable event raised an impressive £650,000.     Vinnie Jones Well-known as a keen countryman, as well as a film…

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell shoots clays for charity

Bit of clay shooting today 💥 @wingsforlife @fabianaecclestone #wingsforlife A post shared by Geri Horner (@therealgerihalliwell) on Jul 12, 2017 at 8:08am PDT Geri Horner, as she is now known, has taken to country life with enthusiasm since marrying in 2015 and lives with her husband on an estate in…

shooting clay pigeons

How to stand when shooting clays

Improve your clay shooting by learning how stance, weight distribution and general preparation before, during and after you call for the bird will help you break more targets

group clay pigeon shooting lesson

A useful clay pigeon shooting lesson

Of course there are those of us who have been shooting most of our lives and possibly think we know all there is to know about shooting. Meeting Doug Florent, owner of The Oxford Gun Company where I’d gone for a day of tuition, he soon disabused me of this…

springing teal target

How to shoot an on-report pair of springing teal

Resident instructor Rob Gamble started shooting as a youngster and has fond memories of GAT guns and the days when you could buy an air rifle and pellets in toyshops. Rob went on to work with the MOD and joined their clayshooting team. He quickly found himself hooked and he…

Femmes Fatales clayshooting club

Catching up with the Femmes Fatales clayshooting club

How did you first get in to shooting? “I began shooting clays a few years after starting work at Gamebore – I thought it would be a good way to learn about our products. Although I didn’t properly get the shooting bug until I had a particularly fun day out with Rachel Carrie and a…

CPSA Awards

Ed Ling named CPSA clay shooter of the year

The Taunton born shooter received the award having been voted for by CPSA members from a shortlist of five contenders, which also featured fellow Olympic bronze medallist Steve Scott. When presented with his award Ed said: “It’s a great honour to be up here and I’d like to thank the…

Shooting automatic ball trap

How to shoot automatic ball trap

Automatic ball trap is challenging For the gameshooter, most trap disciplines are ideal for building up the reflexes often needed for walked-up shooting – where game will be going away and may be rising. For the purely competition shooter ABT offers a great challenge, and with the angles greater and the clays quicker you can still pull through into top place…

Charity clay shoots fundraising

Charity clay shoots are raising thousands

Charity clay shoots proving popular and successful Clayshooters are now using their skills and enthusiasm to benefit many good causes and  celebrities are also getting in on the act. Recently £63,000 was raised for Child Bereavement UK and St. Richard’s Hospice by a shoot at Bransford Manor. Warter Priory Estate…

A lesson shooting overhead clays from behind

  The target The target that Geoff had chosen to look at was an overhead clay from behind – the reversal of an incomer. This target is not only a challenge for the clay shooter, but can also offer a simulation of a woodpigeon hurting over a tall hedge or trees from behind a hide. Geoff…

Clayshooting spectators

Clayshooting lesson – high, slow-driven clays

Sean Ponting of Widdington Shoot has pretty much been there and got the T-shirt as far as Sporting and FITASC clayshooting goes. He has had 20 years of coaching experience, and has won competitions at county, regional and national level. He has been in the England team 18 times and also captained it. He is a member of The Association of Professional…

Clayshooting tips

Clayshooting tips for the game season

Clay shooting is in full swing, so why is my mind already turning to the new game season in just a few weeks time? Good stead for game As we are based in a rural farming area it’s natural that our members’ attention will now begin to turn towards the coming gameshooting season. The practice they’ve had…

Charity clay shoot winners

Charity clay shoot raises more than £15,000 for Papworth Hospital

Competitors totalling some 100 individuals, took part in the all-day event at John Bidwell’s shooting grounds at High Lodge, near Darsham, Suffolk. The competition consisted of an 80-bird sporting layout, broken into two separate courses with every competitor shooting each stand. In addition, two 80 bird, 4 man team flushes were…

clayshooting ground

Organising charity clay days

Now summer's here, make the most of the fine weather and do some good by organising a charity clay. Here's our easy guide to what you need to know