Dr Malcolm Plant, chairman of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors, gives a masterclass in target practice

Skeet range

On the skeet range you can practice all three shooting techniques as you may have to use them all in a competition. You may have situations where the target combinations demand the use of swing through or maintained lead. To give an example, in skeet you are asked to shoot a simultaneous pair of targets, one left to right, the other right to left, which cross in the middle of the range. Depending how fast or slow you shoot the first clay, it is possible to shoot the second clay using “maintained lead” or “point and pull ahead”. Or, if you are a sluggish old wrinkly like myself, by the time you shoot the first clay, the second will have crossed the range and you now have to go chasing after it, and shoot it “swing through”.

All of this learning and fun is possible, and you can find it down at your local trap and skeet club!

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