John Bidwell
It definitely pays anyone who shoots clays to visit the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association’s website and check out the rules of whatever discipline they usually shoot, or want to shoot.

Quite often you come across things you hadn’t spotted or realised before, like our Editor who’s shot a lot of Sporting over the years but hadn’t clocked that guns fitted with sling swivels can’t be used under association – or FITASC – rules.

It took a magazine reader to put him right on the matter only recently.

Full use of the gun?

In FITASC Sporting each competitor shoots a sequence of single targets from each stand before being presented with the doubles.

He is allowed two shots at each single and can also use the second barrel to break any target in a doubles presentation if he misses with the first.

In English Sporting where targets are thrown as doubles, not singles, the same applies – you can fire two shots at one target, if you miss with the first.

It makes sense to ‘double up’ on a target like this if it’s the easier of the pair because it’s much better to come off a stand with 50% hits on a card rather than zilch!