Our stalking readers have a couple of questions ...

On test

Q: There is a lot of talk about us having to use lead free bullets in the future. In that case have you tried any of them?

George Wallace replies:

Lead-free bullets have actually been around for quite a while. You may be familiar with the Barnes X-bullets and they work perfectly well.

In the early days, some rifles would shoot them accurately and some would not because the bullets were much harder than our ‘normal’ ones and did not perform well if the rifle’s bore size was slightly larger or smaller than the diameter of the bullet. That problem has now been overcome and the current offerings seem to work fine.

RUAG kindly sent me a box of 136 grain RWS ‘green’  .308 ammo to try, and that has proved highly accurate in the Tikka test rifle. We have not had an opportunity to hunt with it yet but on the range it put five rounds at 106 yards into a group which could be covered by a 2p piece, with only the edges of a couple of the holes showing outside the coin.