George Wallace
I am sure a rifle will be available if you need to borrow one but it would be sensible to check with your hunting agent – or with your friend in Estonia if your hunting opportunity comes by that route.

Then find out exactly what the rifle is, because while a Kalashnikov is great fun, it is not an ideal hunting weapon.

Most hunters prefer to take their own rifle and it is usually easy enough as long as you have the paperwork correct.

Once again, the person organising the hunt will know, or be able to find out what is required.

If you do take your own rifle you will need a European Firearms Pass – available free of charge from your police licensing authority – as well as your British fi rearm certificate.

There is more information on the website of the Estonian Ministry of the Environment.

Go to and follow the links to hunting for foreign citizens.

Don’t forget to allow plenty of time to get the paperwork sorted and inform the airline well in advance that you will be carrying a rifle.

There is apparently some pretty fantastic hunting in Estonia, so I hope you enjoy yourself.