I find several every year – and have to shoot them – and it is very distressing to see the injuries and think of the suffering.


George Wallace
I’m afraid the simple answer is, “No.” However, there are ways of reducing the problem and I think the easiest is to lash the top strand of (barbed) wire to the one beneath and then wrap both with sacking to cover the spikes and make a good aiming mark for jumping deer.

This works on an established deer leap but the problem often is that deer get hung up when they are forced – usually by running dogs and their Neanderthal owners – to jump in an unfamiliar and much more difficult corner where the wire may be higher and the take-off point tricky.

If you are having that kind of trouble there is a permanent solution but I am not allowed either to do it myself or recommend that you do!

Some of the perpetrators are seriously unpleasant people who would be seen off by gunfire in any sort of sensible society; but since we aren’t allowed to do that, it is best to observe discreetly, keeping out of harms way, find out what is going on and then inform your local police wildlife officer, if your Force still has them.