I’ve never been on the hill before and wonder how I will manage to get any I shoot back to the nearest accessible roadway. How do other stalkers cope?

George Wallace
You need to be careful with this kind of offer because it may mean that the stalking is inaccessible, too rough for modern man unless he’s as fit as a fell-runner, has few deer on it and/or is unsuitable for the use of a vehicle.

Some apparently cheap stalking is cheap because it is actually worthless.

Before committing, you need to talk to the vendor and get assurances on the points mentioned above.

You need to know about access for stalking and for the recovery of carcasses; what is the anticipated cull and are there penalties if you don’t achieve it; to whom does the venison belong; is the land used for other and possibly conflicting interests?

Also make sure that the landowner is not going to send in his own men to cream off the easy stuff, leaving you with all the hard and unrewarding bits.

Been there; got the (torn and muddy) T-shirt!