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Advice and information on all aspects of ferreting from our experts. How to breed, how to train, how to care for them and tips on ferreting equipment, including making a purse net.

Ferreting in the Dales

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Game Fair 2015, Harewood House, Yorkshire, july

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5 ways of ferreting

Ferreting for rabbits can achieved in five different ways by a ferret bolting them. Some work better in certain situations, but they all have their place. Some of these methods can be combined together to improve effectiveness. Purse nets Purse nets are the starting point for those beginning a career…


How to start ferreting

Ferreting is one of those activities that can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. For a newcomer it can seem quite daunting when you consider all the bits and bobs that are collected by those experienced in the art. However, you can still start ferreting and catch rabbits with a minimal amount…

Breeding ferrets

Advice on breeding working ferrets

Over the years I have ferreted more than a few times, so I would like to think that I know what makes a good working ferret. At this time of year lots of kits are being born; the whole point of breeding ferrets is to improve on the ferrets that…

hob ferret

Buying your first ferret

Q: I am getting my first ferret. My parents are a bit apprehensive but I have managed to convince them that it is a good idea. I am unsure whether to get a male or a female. A: I would always side towards your parents’ caution when answering this question as I have…

Retiring lurcher from ferreting

Retiring a lurcher from a ferreting career

It is at this time of year when I scrutinise the strengths and weaknesses of my ferrets and ask myself questions such as which hob do i breed from to improve my stock, which hob and jill will pair up best to reinvigorate the line and what equipment needs replacing, repairing…

Ferreting in Norfolk

The Jolly Boys return for more ferreting in Norfolk

I was addressing a burgeoning rabbit problem in North Norfolk and I was keen to make an immediate impact, but to do so, I realised I would require some extra hands. It was time to reassemble the troops. The Jolly boys — Ian “Torchie” Clayton, Richard Edwards, Steve Taylor, Paul…

Ferreting in summertime

Ferreting in the Summertime

Summer ferreting is a world away from its wintertime cousin. On a day in June, my friend Sooty and I were asked to tackle some land that, until recently, had only a handful of rabbits, but their numbers had since multiplied. Hormonal ferrets behave completely differently from how they do…

Ferreting in the Dales

Ferreting Rabbits on the Dales

This trip wasn’t about catching rabbits. Nor was it about admiring the breathtaking scenery. It was all about the people on the warren — namely Bob Merrin and Ian “Torchie” Clayton. As a collective, these exponents of rabbiting have seen momentous changes during their lifetime. It had been a decade…

Rabbiting Admiration!

RABBITING I have been lucky enough to travel across the UK to control and remove rabbit populations from all manner of places, some more bizarre than others, and this is where a dog that marks where rabbits are hiding is important. I have fond memories of rabbiting with a friend…

Ferreting in the dales

Ferreting on the Yorkshire Dales

Each year, around the time of the clock change, I find myself, like a moth to the flame, making a pilgrimage, subliminally drawn to the ferreting on those Yorkshire hills — and this year was no exception. Several hundred miles later we concluded our journey by driving through the villages…

Catching and cooking rabbits, the ferreting way

Catching and cooking rabbits, the ferreting way

On this particular morning ferreting, the mist obscured the stunning countryside. The sodden ground highlighted the freshness of the morning as I started to lay my nets. Soon every long-net I possess surrounded a hedge I planned to ferret. Virgin ground, this area had never seen a ferret before, so…


How to set up ferreting equipment

When preparing to ferret, ensure you have all of your ferreting equipment in your truck. You’ll need spades, a ferret finder and collars, a probe, nets, food for you and drink for you and your ferrets, your ferrets and dogs, clearance tools such as film, cutters, loppers and secateurs. Once…

ferreting kit

Essential ferreting equipment

Simon Whitehead goes back to basics in this video to show you the ferreting equipment he always uses. Naturally, the first tool you need for ferreting are the ferrets and the means to transport them. Simon uses a carrying box that doubles up as a seat. It’s brightly coloured so you…

Ferret breeding

Simon Whitehead knows a top-class ferret, with rigorous breeding, tenacity, a strong prey drive and yet is easy to handle, is often hard to find