We have two new additions to the blog.

Some are born with ferrets, some earn ferrets and some have ferrets thrust upon them. I belong to the latter group.

After an immensely productive whirlwind tour of the CLA Game Fair, Staffordshire and north Wales, I limped back home north of the border with the unexpected addition of two ferrets in a plywood box.

I blame my girlfriend.

When we saw a sign advertising ferrets for sale, I was only going to stop and have a look.

The salesman saw us coming and chose his methods well.

I have wanted ferrets for years but have never really got around to the actual business of buying them. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Three hundred miles from home, I had resolutely decided that the sensible thing would be to learn all I could about keeping the animals, then buy some of my own in due course.

As we drove away with a scrabbling box in the back seat, my girlfriend tried to comfort me by explaining that there is never a good time to get ferrets.

All the breeder had done was dangle two (apparently adorable) eight-week-old silver kits infront of my girlfriend while explaining how much fun I would have working them in the winter.

It was a done deal.

Now that they are home, I must say that they are seriously growing on me.

They appear to be able to eat almost everything, from wild blaeberries to bacon, and I actually find that I quite like the smell of them.

I’ll take the .22 out tonight and see if I can’t get them their first taste of rabbit meat.

I’m not sure how they’re going to help the black grouse, but I’m sure they will somehow.

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