Q: I know that it is illegal to interfere with a badger sett, but where do I stand when out ferreting a burrow and a Newcastle supporter waddles into the fresh air? This has happened to the three times in as many months. In your opinion when does a burrow become a sett?

A: Whenever I’m faced with the prospect of having to ferret close to a badger sett I simply walk away from it and keep my ferrets boxed. My advice to you is not to put a ferret to ground anywhere near a stripey because you could well be spotted by a do gooder which, in turn, will mean police being on the scene in no time at all. I can do without the hassle of this happening.

If you have setts on part of your ground, the best way of keeping rabbits that live alongside brock under control is by either lamping them at night or using night vision kit on a rifle.