pheasant drive

The pheasant shooting season runs from 1 October through to 1 February in England, Scotland and Wales and pheasant is the quarry most game shooters are likely to come across.

Top tips for pheasant shooting

  • Know the breed of pheasant you are shooting. They all behave slightly differently in flight.
  • Get your footwork right. Move your feet correctly before you mount the gun and make the shot
  • Practice your gun mount beforehand. A consistent gun mount will help you take the shot correctly.
  • Finish your shot properly by watching the bird fold in the air
  • Don’t aim, rush or snatch at the trigger
  • Don’t cover the line of the bird with your muzzles
  • Keep your stance and weight correct

Get to know the different breeds of pheasants

You’ll also need to know what the best guns are for this type of shooting, what load to use and what the distance limit is to shoot.

If you’re new to shooting and wondering what the difference between walked up shooting and driven shooting is, then here is an easy guide.

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon

The Beretta Silver Pigeon is a popular pheasant shooting gun

Pheasant shooting has its own etiquette and part of it is knowing what to wear when you’re out in the field so here’s a useful guide.

Later on in the season pheasants behave differently and the talk is all about shooting high pheasants.

And then when you’ve got your bag, you can finish off by browsing through our pheasant recipes.

socks for game shooting

Follow the dress code

Beginners and improvers

If you want to start shooting, this is the perfect place to read up on the know-how and make sure your shooting etiquette passes muster.

If you’re looking improve your shooting technique when you’re after pheasant, then you’ll find a host of articles here on how to be a better shot – with plenty of advice on stance and eye dominance.

We’ve also investigated many pheasant shooting grounds and you can read our reports here and see how they match up to your expectations for shooting pheasants.

women driven shooting

Why more and more women are enjoying driven shooting

It will probably not come as any sort of surprise to learn that shooting sports are predominately the pastime of men. The most recent Home Office figures reveal that 94% of shotgun and firearms certificate holders in England and Wales are male. The 6% minority, however, equates to more than…

pheasant shooting on a budget

Pheasant shooting on a budget

Is there such a thing as pheasant shooting on a budget? Well, yes there is. You can always buy a left-over day on a shooting website and snap up a bargain. However, you may not know any of the Guns you are shooting with if you go down this route.…

flying pheasant

Pheasant shooting must-reads

There’s an early morning nip in the air and the pheasant shooting season has begun. So here are some useful pheasant shooting must-reads covering everything from guns and ammunition to what to wear shooting.  1. What’s the best cartridge load for driven pheasants?  Instructor Adam Calvert offers the benefit of…

rough shooting kit

Tips to make you better at walked-up pheasant shooting

Have you been invited walked-up pheasant shooting for the first time? If so, congratulations because it’s a sought-after invitation. However it can be a daunting prospect for the beginner. On a walked-up shoot you don’t have total control of the birds and you don’t know how they will be presented,…

preparing for the new season

Pheasant shooting tips

Looking forward to going out into the field in the next few weeks? I’ve compiled a list of pheasant shooting tips for you to follow, so that you can check your technique and that you are doing things correctly. (You might also like to read what to expect on your…

pheasant shooting

How to tackle January pheasants

Many of the best Shots whose opinions I most respect won’t shoot a pheasant in October. For the very lucky, August and September are for grouse, October is for partridges and only in November do they start thinking about pheasants. By the time January comes round, it is supposed that…

Wild pheasant

Why the wild pheasant is the greatest test

’I remember the first time I was invited to a day of wild pheasants. It was a cold January morning and I stood on the edge of an old woodland filled with oaks and ash that sloped away into a deep valley where the other Guns stood waiting, nervously shifting…

best loads for high pheasants

Best loads for high pheasants

So what is a high pheasant? And what are the best loads for high pheasants? For normal mortals shooting cartridges with say 30gm of No 6 or 5 lead shot from their standard shotgun, a distance of 40 to 45yd is generally considered to be a decently high pheasant. The…

best pheasant shoots

Six of the best pheasant shoots

Every shoot  is different in its own way. We asked our contributors for their nominations for their best pheasant shoots from seasons gone by and here is what they came up with, in no particular order… 1. Hornby shoot, Cumbria “The best syndicate shoot I have ever visited” is how…

cock pheasant

Estates should act to limit the number of dead poults

Too much pheasant roadkill In the early years of my shooting career, pheasants were far too valuable to use for retrieving practice. I didn’t shoot many and those that I did bag were destined for dinner. This became second nature and, even today, I don’t like to use a shot…

pheasant shooting

How to shoot high pheasants

There aren’t many shortcuts in this game — shooting high pheasants takes practice. The only way to become really good at taking on those tall birds is to spend hours standing underneath them. That said, there are a few tricks of the trade that will set you on the path…

Shooting in field

What’s the best cartridge load for standard driven pheasants?

How should you tackle standard driven pheasants when you’re out in the field? The sort you’re likely to come across earlier in the season. What would be the best cartridge load for driven pheasants? Speaking from my experience as a shooting instructor I think that the cartridges a shooter uses…

pheasants in flight

The rules you must follow when rearing gamebirds

Before you take any steps to start on rearing gamebirds yourself you need to be aware of the key factors involved. Rule 1: Think of it as a business You need to think seriously about rearing gamebirds right from the beginning and consider it as a business, whether you’re rearing…

Shooter with single-barrelled shotgun

One barrel is all you need

A single-shot, single-barrelled shotgun is not popular these days. The guns are looked down upon as somehow ‘less than’. When I began my shooting life under my father’s instruction, I was as excited as any 14-year-old could be. I had completed my three-year apprenticeship of various gun-, dog- and bird-related…

flying pheasant

Facts about the pheasant – phasianus colchicus

Just how long the pheasant has been found in Britain is open to question but it is likely that, as with so many of our non-native species, the Romans had a major hand in bringing them to our shores. It is also likely that they were bred as table birds…