A) Perhaps, surprisingly, he probably is. According to the 2006 Public and Corporate Economic Consultants (PACEC) report on shooting, at least 35 million pheasants are released in the UK every year. As Norfolk is a major sporting ounty, with numerous large shooting estates, it?s probable that at least one million birds are released there every year. Thus for a brief period, before shooting starts in earnest, the pheasant is most likely to be the most numerous bird in the county as no other species can rival it.

By January it is likely to have lost its number one ranking, at least in terms of numbers of individuals. However, if measured in terms of biomass it would still be likely to retain the premier slot. A cock pheasant weighs around 1,500g, while a blackbird is just 130g and a blue tit 11g. Thus the mass of a pheasant?s body is around 10 times that of a blackbird or 100 times that of a blue tit. As far as biomass is concerned, that means the pheasant is probably the number one species in Britain throughout the year.