I also struggle to take them early and out in front. Am I allowed to alter my stance in the cage so that I can take them as crossers?

Clay pigeon shooting expert
You can certainly try turning sideways-on in the safety cage to take them as crossers but this might prove impossible if the cage is fitted with a top bar.

If it is, you could end up putting an expensive dent in one, or both, barrels!

From your back’s point of view it would probably be best to shoot these targets directly overhead with your weight over the back foot assuming, again, that a cross bar doesn’t get in the way.

If the old bones can’t allow even that small shift in stance then your only solution is to learn how to shoot them out in front.

And the way to do that is with my own maintained lead-style of shooting, Move, Mount, Shoot.

Forget about starting with the gun behind the bird, catching up with it then pulling out in front as you pull the trigger.

Instead, you need to pick a place in front where you can break the bird without suffering any discomfort to the back through recoil, then settle on a place to pick up the target clearly after it has left the trap.

Now, address the un-mounted gun’s muzzles to a point between the two and, as soon as you see the target clearly, start to move and mount the gun without allowing the target to overtake the barrels.

As soon as the gun is comfortably mounted to face and shoulder, squeeze the trigger and keep the swing going.

If you’re shooting pairs on report, drop the gun butt from the shoulder slightly between shots and return the muzzles to the original start position.

Now repeat the process.

In the case of simultaneous pairs, take the leading bird so that the gun muzzles are already in front of the second target. Easy…!