read a clay target

How to read a clay target successfully

Last month we looked at a few 'firsts' in the shooting world, safety first, first gun, first targets and the like. Carrying on from this I'd like to reconsider how we actually hit our targets.

check gun is fitted properly

How to shoot crossers

The clay that's crossing in front of the stand is probably one of the most common targets you’re ever likely to encounter on an English sporting layout

sell a shotgun privately

Should shotgun training be compulsory?

Compulsory shotgun training by Ben Samuelson Many of my happiest childhood memories are of the times I was taken shooting by my father – I didn’t even pick up a gun, let alone draw a peg for the first 10 years or so. When all I wanted to do was…

clay shooter

A lesson on driven grouse targets

Although the RBSS is a clayground, gameshooting tuition is very high on its agenda. The school has an excellent grouse butt and 25-bird sequence, which ends in a four-clay “covey”. Among several of the school’s old- timer instructors is Gordon Robinson, who had volunteered to offer his advice on how…

woman having shooting lesson

What to watch to improve your shooting performance

When it comes to teaching an adult to shoot, I always treat each person as an individual. I do not treat a lady Shot any differently from how I would a gentleman, for example. There are lots of things said with regard to lady Shots, such as eye-dominance problems, body…

forward allowance

The limits of the lead factor

“Give it 4ft, 5ft, 6ft”; “I think that bird needs at least 10ft, actually no, that’s at least a gate’s length; change that, it needs a bus’s length.” Does this sound familiar? What is the obsession with lead when it comes to shooting game, and why is it most guns’ and…

Rabbit clay shooting

Tips for shooting vermin

Here we look at how a variety of vermin species can be simulated with clay targets. All you've got to do is practice hitting them!

man holding shotgun

One gun fits all

The telephone at shooting schools invariably starts to ring more frequently once the first pheasant shoots of the season are behind us. Right now mine is busy with shooters trying to find answers as to why their early outings have not met with the success they had expected. I’ve asked…

game chefs

10 game cookery schools in the UK to investigate

We’ve chosen courses the length and breadth of the country. All have accommodation nearby if you fancy a short break or want to enjoy some well-deserved wine with dinner. 1. Mike Robinson Game & Wild Food Cookery School If you were at the CLA Game Fair in July, you might have…

Welcome to the Bisley workout

Welcome to the Bisley workout

I don’t know whether it is Bisley’s military associations, but it wouldn’t be the first time I have “enjoyed” some form of exercise when I have visited the place. I seem to recall, quite a long time ago, being offered something called the “Iron Arm” challenge – shooting 100 driven…

shooting in field

How to be a better Shot

It’s amazing how quickly the season comes around. Now is the perfect time to get yourself properly prepared for the forthcoming season. The worst thing you can do is to leave it to the last minute, and it is remarkable how many people do just that. In this piece I…

gamekeeping advice

First ever Shooting UK Gamekeeper Day storming success

Liam Bell is the head gamekeeper at stunning Millichope Park, a traditional family-owned and run estate. He is also a regional chairman of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation and a judge for the annual Time Inc. Shooting Industry Awards. Shooting Times readers will know Liam from his popular “On the Shoot”…


Increase confidence in your shooting

Everyone misses easy birds. From the humble amateur to the duke of wherever, nobody is perfect. Leg-pulling about missed sitters has been part and parcel of shooting since the days of frock coats and flintlocks and, more often than not, when someone knows why they have missed, things are soon…