best ear defenders

6 of the best ear defenders from just £15

There’s no excuse not to protect your hearing when you’re out in the field, particularly when we’ve found some of the best ear defenders which come in at under £40. Ear defenders are comfortable to wear and a crucial bit of kit. We’ve all met people in the field with…

trap shooting explained

Maybe it’s time to give it a try? Trap shooting explained

This article is not meant to be a masterclass on trap shooting, 
more rather trap shooting explained to encourage you to give it a go if 
you haven’t tried it. Trap shooting is one of the formal clay shooting disciplines and at its highest level an Olympic sport. Most people…

Suffolk shoot on an autumn day

Raise a glass to the Brewery

The rustle, crack and crackle of beaters’ flags cut sharply through the crystal air. Frost, the first one of the year, clung to the heads of teasels, dusting them with light. The Guns were lined out to my right, on a wide grass headland. Then, from the block of biscuit-coloured…

taking lurchers lamping

Night of the long dogs

Taking lurchers lamping At the end of the beam, Blue turned hard, just inches behind the rabbit. It turned too and again Blue went with it, heeled over like a racing yacht. The rabbit made a last, desperate twist then Blue was trotting steadily back to Jake, the rabbit held…

Sporting Clays line up

Why you should give Sporting clays a try

This article is not a masterclass in Sporting clays, but rather an overview to explain what it involves to encourage you to give it a go. Any calibre If you already use a shotgun, then you will probably be fine to shoot Sporting clays. You can use any calibre (12-bore…

Every day’s a school day

We were huddled together in an old Dumfriesshire farmhouse kitchen, with rain bouncing off the windows. “Whether we hit 10 birds today or 100 matters not,” announced 14-year-old Charlie Hattam, who was standing at the front with a broken arm, “but what does matter is safety.” Dotted round the room,…


Following in the footsteps of famous wildfowlers

You might not have heard of him but if you’re a member of BASC — and by my reckoning you ought to be — you owe a great deal to a railway engineer called Stanley Duncan. In 1907 Old Man Duncan, as he came to be known, moved to Hull…

Rooks by a rookery

The intelligence of rooks

Few birds divide opinion like the rook. On the one hand we have farmers, who often endure massive damage to crops at certain times of the year, and on the other, the people who love to hear the most quintessentially English bird going about its business.  The background cawing of…

shoot pigeons with semi-auto

How to mark pricked birds

It’s not always easy to spot a wounded bird — and it may fly on for some distance after being shot — so do keep your eyes peeled, advises Ian Grindy