Game bird

What makes a game bird fly well on shoot days?

What makes our game birds fly well one day only to perform poorly the next? No one wants low birds that present little challenge and result in an inedible carcass along with a feeling of ‘really, what is the point?’ At the opposite end of the scale, the cruelty of excessive-range shooting is not only unacceptable but leaves a similar…

CPSA Awards

Ed Ling named CPSA clay shooter of the year

The Taunton born shooter received the award having been voted for by CPSA members from a shortlist of five contenders, which also featured fellow Olympic bronze medallist Steve Scott. When presented with his award Ed said: “It’s a great honour to be up here and I’d like to thank the…


How to start ferreting

Ferreting is one of those activities that can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. For a newcomer it can seem quite daunting when you consider all the bits and bobs that are collected by those experienced in the art. However, you can still start ferreting and catch rabbits with a minimal amount…

Pigeon shooting days

Pigeon shooting influenced by Syd Barrett?

There are two difficulties for me in writing this story. Firstly, while readers love tales of everything going wrong, this happens to be an unashamed success. Secondly, while it is immodest to write about one’s own performance, this was so extreme that, like an out-of-body experience, it was not me but someone in my dreams shooting in my…

Clay shooting

First invitation to shoot – what now?

A: Congratulations on receiving your invitation to shoot. However, before you mount a gun to shoot at any sentient creature, you need to have plenty of practice at clays. Go to a good ground that will do proper gun fit too. That will make you a better shot and will also give you confidence in…

How to be an ideal beater

How to be an ideal beater

  The ideal beater Nothing makes my job easier than a good team of reliable beaters and picker-ups. In any beating team there is normally a core that know the ground better and work that bit extra to make the day a good one. Most of my beaters are locals, many seem to have been here…

Will Garfit chooses dream pigeon shooting team

Will Garfit’s dream pigeon shooting team

The first would have to be the late Archie Coats, father of modern pigeon shooting. He was like a sporting father to me as friend, tutor and influence, for better or for worse. He was a superb shot using his Webley 700 boxlock, side-by-side, with nimble footwork, fast reactions and intense concentration for the opportunity of a safe shot at whatever quarry entered…

Shooting automatic ball trap

How to shoot automatic ball trap

Automatic ball trap is challenging For the gameshooter, most trap disciplines are ideal for building up the reflexes often needed for walked-up shooting – where game will be going away and may be rising. For the purely competition shooter ABT offers a great challenge, and with the angles greater and the clays quicker you can still pull through into top place…

pheasant drive

What’s better? A big last drive or a big first drive?

Big last drive By Ben Samuelson It shouldn’t really come as any surprise that a lot of shooting folk are also worshippers at the gentle church of cricket. Both involve a lot of very civilised waiting around with the soothing balm of a glass or two of something being applied to ease the pain. Both…

Beaters out in the field

Letter from a fed-up beater

The driven shoot day is a team effort and by no means the least important team consists of the beaters. These men, women, boys and girls turn out in all weathers mostly not for the money but because they enjoy what they do. Beaters not given due consideration However on some shoots it would…

Charity clay shoots fundraising

Charity clay shoots are raising thousands

Charity clay shoots proving popular and successful Clayshooters are now using their skills and enthusiasm to benefit many good causes and  celebrities are also getting in on the act. Recently £63,000 was raised for Child Bereavement UK and St. Richard’s Hospice by a shoot at Bransford Manor. Warter Priory Estate…

Pigeon shooting days

Pigeon shooting days – how they have changed!

Shooters of my age often lament that things were better in “the good old days”, when all you had to do was throw an old stuffed grey sock out on a likely looking field and pigeons would swarm to their doom. They would recall flocks of woodies leaving the roosting woods that were so big it would take 20…

Imerys Gun Club

Imerys Gun Club

Imerys Gun Club Trethosa Moor Trethosa St. Stephen Cornwall CORNWALL Secretary: Ian Studley Phone 01726 76365

Will Garfit

A visit to Will Garfit’s award-winning shoot

I’ve heard a great deal about Will Garfit’s 1988 Laurent Perrier Award winning 70 acre shoot, and last January I managed to finally see what all the fuss was about.  Known by its proper name, “The Hauxton Pits Shoot” or affectionately – “The Pits” –  was founded in 1972 when Will accidentally bought a redundant gravel pit at…

Southdown Shooting Ground

Southdown Shooting Ground

Southdown Shooting Ground Southdown Yarnscombe Barnstaple DEVON EX31 3LZ Secretary Stephen Moore Phone 01271 858791 Disciplines DTL, ESP, STR