Richard Ali BASC

BASC chief executive Richard Ali’s first year

By Helena Douglas Richard Ali describes his first year as BASC chief executive as energising, fast-moving and busy. “The one-year anniversary has come round quickly and it really doesn’t seem like I’ve been here for 12 months,” he says. “We have had a lot to do and we have achieved…

Do you shoot pigeon for sport or pest control?

Here’s a question for you, do you shoot pigeon for sport or are you doing it as pest control? Under the terms of the general licences, we are only allowed to kill pigeon all year round to prevent unacceptable damage to farmers’ crops, even if that occurs during the birds’…


How to set up ferreting equipment

When preparing to ferret, ensure you have all of your ferreting equipment in your truck. You’ll need spades, a ferret finder and collars, a probe, nets, food for you and drink for you and your ferrets, your ferrets and dogs, clearance tools such as film, cutters, loppers and secateurs. Once…

Roebuck bluebells

Stalking roebucks in the bluebells

At the start of the 20th-century, roe were almost extinct in southern England. Since then, their numbers have soared thanks to an increase in woodland planting and strategic reintroduction. In fact, roe are now the most widely distributed deer species in the UK, according to the most recent population survey…

Scottish airgun bill under fire

A bill for the licensing of airguns in Scotland has met with fierce criticism from shooting and countryside organisations and its effectiveness and enforceability questioned by the Law Society of Scotland. The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill would, if passed in its current form, require anyone wishing to own…

Lyme disease in dogs

A tick-ing time bomb

Turnstone writes: Two days ago I set about skinning and dressing a roebuck, a two-year-old, shot the previous evening. I have a suitable beam in a general tool-shed from which I can suspend and work on carcases and the animal was duly suspended. The little deer was still in the remains…

Royal backing for red squirrel strategy

A new plan promoting action to protect red squirrels has received the personal approval of Prince Charles, his office has confirmed. The Accord on Squirrels in the United Kingdom sets out a long-term commitment to see “Red squirrel populations protected and thriving and greys controlled through targeted and sustained action”.…

ferreting kit

Essential ferreting equipment

Simon Whitehead goes back to basics in this video to show you the ferreting equipment he always uses. Naturally, the first tool you need for ferreting are the ferrets and the means to transport them. Simon uses a carrying box that doubles up as a seat. It’s brightly coloured so you…

The Greenman, Fownhope

The Greenman, Fownhope review

You are going to want to stay at The Greenman if you’re shooting at Stoke Edith. Shoot captain Mark Coleman will probably suggest it if you book a day with him anyway. He and innkeeper Sean Mason go back a long way, so why not? Friendships aside, if you value…

golf clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon golf shoot

Some of the world’s best golfers got together during the 2010 European Tour to try clay pigeon shooting with a difference. The video shows Tongchai Jaidee, David Horsey, Johan Edfors and Simon Kahn try to smash clays with their golf balls.

Ferret breeding

Simon Whitehead knows a top-class ferret, with rigorous breeding, tenacity, a strong prey drive and yet is easy to handle, is often hard to find

Review: The White Horse Inn

The White Horse Inn in Chichester is the ultimate place to unwind, nestled in the peaceful South Downs and a short drive from the unusual Apsley Sporting ground