The Cotleigh shoot

In Devon's dramatic valleys, Tony Jackson joins a team of dedicated Guns whose efforts have resulted in great local support and spectacular sport

Shooting in Somerset

The Manor Shoot

In Somerset's combes and gulleys a syndicate has discovered how to get more enjoyment from its shooting for less effort

Pen-y-Lan shoot

David Tomlinson joins a shoot where the Guns line out across two counties and the pheasants fly fast and high over the wooded Dee valley

Trumps Farm shoot

High-flying pheasants mirror Heathrow-bound jets when Tony Jackson visits an enterprising Surrey shoot in the shadow of London's landmarks

Which is faster – a partridge or a pheasant?

Which bird flies faster and needs more lead - a partridge or a pheasant? I’m reasonably okay at killing driven pheasants cleanly, but I do struggle on partridge shown on the same drive at the same height. Can you shed any light on my problem?

Heveningham Hall Shoot

After a disasterous fire, the house and gamebirds on one of England's finest estates have risen phoenix-like from the flames

Narford Hall Shoot

Graham Downing reports from a Norfolk shoot, where a last-minute deal has seen the new tenant take on a promising layout with exciting results

Great Easton Shoot

A team of keen Leicestershire shooters show you don't need hundreds of acres and thousands of pounds to run a great shoot