Are woodpigeons likely to be scared by the sight of an exposed battery sitting under the machine?

Also, is it best to wrap camo tape around the rotary arms to stop them glinting in sunshine?


Peter Theobald

Attention to detail is never a bad thing when pigeon shooting.

Whether it makes that much difference in the overall scheme of things, is debatable because there are several factors that are more important.

However, on days when things may not be going to plan it?s reassuring to know that you have done everything in your power to make it work.

The trick is to get the fundamentals right every time, and not get too paranoid about ?patterns? or hide colour.

Nothing will kill a flightline quicker than a decoyer who is constantly fiddling with the decoys, or readjusting his hide.

If you are on the right field at the right time, and with a decent population of settled pigeons, the minor details will be insignificant.