Ray is unusual, in that he is not actually a shooting man, but his enquiring mind is constantly looking for improvements in decoying equipment.

Foremost in all his inventions is lightness, and the latest additions to his range are no exception.

First is a really lightweight rotary that takes two foam-winged decoys (£80 + post) enabling Ray to use a tiny motor and long thin arms.

The neat innovation on this machine is the adjustable cam on top of the support stake allowing you to alter the angle of the decoys? rotation.

This means one bird appears to be flying round higher than the other.

The speed of rotation is a little slow for my taste, and the foam wings are not ideal in a strong wind, but the slim profile and lightweight will make it a winner.

Ray?s double bouncer (£49 + post) is also likely to find favour with decoyers who cannot resist playing around with their patterns.

This device with its foam-winged decoys automatically faces into the wind, and replicates two birds coming in together.

The third item – another bouncer (£27) ? can be elevated up to ten feet off the ground, ideal for standing crops or swathed rape.

All Ray?s decoy equipment has been given EU Protected Design and more details can be obtained direct from him on 07837426010 or by emailing rayaldridge44@gmail.com

Ray Aldridge Pigeon Gear

From £27