I?ve tried with camo netting but it doesn?t seem to work for me. Other people though seem to get on okay so what am I doing wrong?

Peter Theobald
The overwhelming urge, as a decoyer, is to build hides out in the open, from natural materials, hoping to fool pigeons into thinking it is just another bush, but the fact is, there is no logical reason why a pigeon should be suspicious of any type of hide, provided he cannot see you sitting inside it.

If pigeons reacted to unusual structures in their path, they would never fly over a road, or go near machines working in the fields.

It is the human shape that they fear, whether it is standing, sitting or lying down, and provided they do not see it when coming in to feed, will take no notice of a hide.

Of course, this means your hide discipline has to be up to the mark, so to this end, I will usually add some kind of natural foliage, to enable me to look through the top of the hide without being seen.