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Lamping rabbits – what happens when they get lamp shy?

Ed Cook isn't a fan and this is why.

Knowing how rabbits behave will give you an extra vital second under the lamp

I’ve been lamping rabbits for a good while now and I’ve learned a lot in my time. (You might like to also read what is lamping?)

Once a rabbit has had a brush with a lamp they never forget it. The more they see of lamping the sooner and quicker they will run. Sometimes they even run before the beam gets to them – they’re not stupid. What’s more if you lamp areas where numbers are high you will frighten and educate 10 rabbits to every one you shoot.

(Read how lamping equipment has changed.)

I’m not really a fan of lamping rabbits as I don’t think it’s that effective. It just caps numbers. You’re better off ferreting or trapping rabbits and then following up with a lamp and rifle.

Do this and the rabbits won’t be so lamp shy.

Hushpower fan

I think the best way forward is to use a Hushpower moderated .410 from a 750cc quad. I now rarely use a rifle for lamping rabbits as these moderated .410s are far more effective, especially when used from a quad bike on arable fields.

The .410 isn’t much louder than an air rifle which is great because it doesn’t disturb other rabbits, or people living in the vicinity.

And the beauty of the quad is that the 750cc engine quickly reduces the range at which the rabbits are shot. (Read lamping on a public footpath, how legal is it?)

This article was originally published in 2014 and has been updated.