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MacWet gloves

They promise an unrivalled grip in all weather conditions, performing just as superbly when wet as when dry.

The breathable, all-purpose MacWet sports gloves offer a comfortable fit and the performance you desire with their short or long cuff ranges in their Micromesh or warming Climatec glove.

MacWet?s unique Aquatec fabric responds to moisture and climate charge, giving maximum grip, sensitivity, feel and comfort at all times, no matter how wet or humid.

MacWet gloves use innovative technology to ensure that their grip stays strong in various environments.

Any moisture on the skin is wicked to the outside of the material as a result of the breathable palm fabric.

The moisture is then used to increase grip, therefore, regardless of humidity, perspiration or precipitation, comfort and grip are never compromised.

In use, MacWet gloves dry naturally within 5-10 minutes, adjusting to the climate, keeping grip and sensitivity consistent.