Thinking about getting some gloves for shooting? Here are some tips on what to look out for. (We include some Amazon shopping links below to help you buy, from which we can earn a small commission.)

Lady Melissa Percy

Top Shot Lady Melissa Percy is a fan of MacWets

MacWets a favourite

Matt Manning, airgunner and writer for Shooting Times says: “I prefer a light trigger and that can make gloves feel like an encumbrance. Shooting without gloves is probably the best option, but that is not always desirable in cold conditions or when you need to hide your skin from sharp-eyed quarry.

“In really cold conditions when insulation is paramount, I’ll go for 
a neoprene glove or woollen mitten with foldback fingers so I have sufficient feel and dexterity  When it is not so cold but I want to keep my hands concealed, I’ll wear a thinner glove such as MacWet. These gloves offer impressive trigger feel and excellent grip, even when wet, and the Climatec version also provides some insulation against the cold.

Mark Heath, Instructor Manager at West London Shooting School:  “We don’t wear gloves, the reason for this would be because it’s harder to feel the trigger. In the colder winter months we would opt for a thin running glove. If we were to wear gloves, MacWets would probably be our go-to brand.

Lady Melissa Percy, founder of ladies outdoor clothing brand Mistamina is also a MacWet fan, saying: “I use MacWet gloves …. the style I get is the Climatec long cuff sport glove… I use them for pheasant and grouse shooting… (any shot gun shooting really).

“I find the gloves last a couple of years … purely because I wear them whenever I am holding my gun. They have great grip and great stretch. The elasticated Velcro strap for the wrists ensures they stay in place and keep your hands warm and dry. They’re great in any weather.

“MacWet and Sealskinz are my favourite brand of gloves. Sealskinz are brilliant for more extreme weather or quadding. If shooting in a hot country MacWet do a great pair of lightweight gloves… called the Micromesh gloves. Some people find wearing gloves irritating to shoot in but this style you hardly notice are on.”

gloves for airgunners

MacWet gloves offer warmth, concealment and trigger feel

Features of MacWet gloves

  • Excellent grip in all weather conditions
  • Short or long cuff ranges in their Micromesh or warming Climatec glove.
  • Aquatec fabric responds to moisture and climate charge, giving grip, sensitivity, feel and comfort at all times
  • Any moisture on the skin is wicked to the outside of the material as a result of the breathable palm fabric.
  • Dry naturally within 5-10 minutes

Buy MacWet Climatec now from Amazon from £28.95

Simms fishing gloves

Ed Wills, Deputy Editor of Shooting Times says: “The only gloves I really use when shooting or fishing are Simms fishing gloves. These are by no means a fancy glove but keep my hands warm to an extent and leave my fingers free to extract cartridges or tie flies. I don’t use any neoprene or “fancy” gloves as this flares up my eczema from not enough air getting to the hands.” 

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