Thinking about getting some gloves for shooting? Here are some tips on what to look out for. (We include some Amazon shopping links below to help you buy, from which we can earn a small commission.)

Other options for shooting gloves

Richard Banbury, of Orvis said: 

“I only use gloves if there is a biting cold easterly wind or if it is a high volume shoot and I’m using a side-by-side. If it is going to be raining all day, I recommend taking two pairs and swapping at lunch time. Shooting in slippery, slimy gloves isn’t great.”

Orvis offers: The  Outdry Waterproof (good for wet conditions) and  High Volume Shooters Glove (good for warm weather but where you need protection from hot barrels / fore end iron). Both claim to give very good grip, protection and are not bulky.

Orvis gloves for shooting clays

Orvis Best-Grade Sporting Clays Gloves £79

Buy Orvis Best Grade Sporting Clays Gloves now from Amazon from £79

Ed Solomons

Farlows Shooting Ambassador and Fieldsports Expert, Ed Solomon

Fieldsports expert Ed Solomon comments:  

 “I’ve never been a big fan of wearing gloves to shoot, as it has always felt a bit alien to me. I will however always have a pair with me to keep my hands warm between drives, layouts if shooting clays, or constantly on me if I am instructing.

 “I’m a big fan of the Sealskinz brand as they seem to keep my hands the warmest, plus so far seem very hard wearing. The thinner types may give more feel but don’t do much for me to help keep the hands from going numb. I think it’s something of a personal preference as I have many customers who can shoot in thin golf style gloves no problems, so experiment to see what works for you.

Buy Sealskinz men’s shooting gloves now from Amazon from £40.03

Ed continues: “A good halfway house seem to be the leather Laksen gloves which are thin enough to give a degree of feel for the trigger but thick enough to keep the chill off, plus they look great!”


Laksen Handmade London Shooting Gloves

Laksen Handmade London Shooting Gloves

Features of Laksen Handmade London Shooting Gloves

  • Super soft, single layer glove with maximum feel
  • Flexible with an excellent fit
  • Water resistant
  • Made from nubuck calfskin and hydrophobic treated
  • Elastic cuff with adjustable strap
  • Sizes Available: 7 – 11

Available from Farlows £109

Shooting clothing

Campbell’s of Beauly

John Sugden, keen stalker and manager of Campbell’s of Beauly states: “On cold December and January days I swear by a very fine leather glove. They’re not always the warmest, but they ensure the grip on your gun feels the same. At Campbell’s we still source all our shooting gloves from the UK, as there is still a good nucleus of British glove makers remaining, particularly in the South West.”

How not to lose gloves

Jonathan Irby, head of gun sales at Purdey gave his thoughts on shooting gloves: “On cold days when shooting with an over-and-under or hot days when shooting with my side-by-side….as thin as possible to ensure loading is still easy and you have a sense of feel and touch and thus can easily operate the safety catch, triggers and top lever.

“My gloves last for as long as I manage to keep them!  I need to have them attached to strings and down my jacket sleeves….like a child!  I am hopeless with gloves and losing them.

“My favourite brand is of course, Purdey.

calf leather shooting gloves by Purdey

Calf leather shooting glove with knitted cuff by Purdey £190


  • Split trigger finger that folds back
  • Reinforced thumb on trigger hand
  • Barrel hand lined with heat resistant Kevlar
  • Made in England
  • £190 from Purdey 

Kristian Ferner Robson, of Oliver Brown  said: ” I use a pair of Oliver Brown leather shooting gloves and would tend to wear these when out game shooting. They have lasted 10 seasons and are still going strong.”

Gloves for beaters

A new range of gloves (all with ladies’ names) are on offer from Holik that come in three styles. ‘Anne’ (single layer, light and breathable £19.50). Then for a colder day there ‘Lena’ which has thermal insulation, is wind and waterproof and costs £69. Finally there is ‘Doreen (interesting name for a glove) which is heavy duty so good for beaters, coming in at £80.

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