Thinking about getting some gloves for shooting? Here are some tips on what to look out for. (We include some Amazon shopping links below to help you buy, from which we can earn a small commission.)

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What to look out for when choosing gloves

Richard Banbury: “Gloves must fit with no loose material that could get caught in the breech. They need to dry quickly, have good feel and absolutely give you a safe grip on a polished gun stock. For me, a fold back trigger finger is not essential, but you must have excellent feel through the trigger finger.”

Jonathan Irby: “Gloves that are thin, warm and well-fitted.”

Kristian Ferner Robson: “I mainly look for warmth, movability and how supple and flexible they are while shooting.”

Lady Melissa Percy: “I look out for stretch, warmth, a subtle colour… black, olive green or brown and waterproof / windproof are handy too.” 


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