Edward Watson

Best shooting instructors in the UK

Whether based at West London Shooting School, E.J. Churchill, Royal Berkshire Shooting Ground or Barbury Shooting School, the UK is home to some of the world’s best shooting instructors. Many of the top 10 shooting instructors listed below have been at the top of their game for almost as long…

Which shotgun should I buy to start game shooting?

Bill Harriman If your main shooting will be game shooting then an over-under is the best choice. I would avoid one with interchangeable chokes, as most of us do not shoot well enough to gain any significant benefit from them. A single trigger and selective safety catch are both useful…

What’s this form in my shotgun licence renewal pack?

What’s this form in my shotgun licence renewal pack?

Shotgun licence: I live in Essex and included in my recent shotgun certificate renewal pack there was a form I was required to sign to the effect that if my certificate renewal was delayed I could keep my guns in the approved storage but not use them.