Edward Cook
From what I can see this varies from county to county so what I’ve got to say might not hold true in your part of the world.

Generally speaking game dealers tend not to be the best payers for rabbits but, having said that, the ones I use pay okay – 70p for those I shoot and £1.20 for netted rabbits which have been paunched.

The reason they pay reasonably well is because they know I can supply rabbits in bulk when they need them.

Pet owners are forever ringing asking for rabbits for their beloved moggy and invariably they want them supplied skinned.

This is fine by me because it means I can charge a higher premium; as not only do I dislike the boring job of skinning mounds of rabbits it also cuts into the time I want to spend in the field.

Even though I get less per rabbit from the game dealer it works out more profitable because I am supplying him with bigger numbers.

Gundog trainers also phone me fairly regularly for live ones to top up their rabbit pens and that too can be a little more profitable but I wouldn’t want to sell rabbits at market – there’s just too much rigmarole with all that paperwork and processing standards for my liking.