Wildfowling offers shooters the opportunity to explore some of the last great wildernesses around the UK, from Scotland to Norfolk and down to the West Country.

Where to go

Our experts have written on places to go out on the foreshore and marshes, whether the quarry is duck or goose. There are also many articles on experiences when out wildfowling and adventures too.

We have advice here on the best ammunition for shooting duck and cartridges for geese, guns for wildfowling, how to find a club to join, the kit you need to keep yourself camouflaged, warm and safe. You’ll also find a guide for beginners. 

In fact, staying well camouflaged and having the right equipment is crucial to having a successful day and you will find information on putting your equipment away at the end of the season and getting ready for the 1st September start.

And if you want to stay warm and dry?

We also have several wildfowling videos for you to enjoy, which offer an atmospheric view of the marshes from the warmth of your home.

Duck in flight

Are flightponds actually ethical?

I like ducks. While geese are masterly and waders noble, the duck is affable. My warm feelings for them may sound incongruous. Much of my spare time is spent trying to place myself on the foreshore and marsh so that I can shoot one, preferably two. That being said, the…

Flightpond at dusk

Techniques for mastering a flightpond at dusk

Graham Brown’s student Giacomo Drax is lucky enough to have access to a flight pond that he occasionally shoots with his father Jeremy. Shooting ducks at dusk or in darkness that are responding to decoys around a pond requires a well-fitting gun and steady nerves. With an evening flight on…

wildfowler on foreshore

Ammunition for wildfowlers

Before we start, I should point out that cartridge choice is personal preference and you need to do your research to find one that suits your needs, gun and quarry. You should also be aware of what your gun is capable of firing and seek advice from a firearms dealer…

Wildfowling on foreshore

What can Guns do about plastic?

I’m talking rubbish again. After my account in Shooting Times of wildfowlers organising a litter-picking day at Lindisfarne , a reader pointed me to an item in the Daily Telegraph. The report starts: “Organisers of marathons and other outdoor events have been urged to do more to clear up the thousands…

Duck calls on foreshore

Four of the best duck calls

I don’t often leave the house during the wildfowling season without my trusty duck calls around my neck. I am a great believer in the use of calls on the foreshore, and I am convinced that they often enhance my sport, thus producing more food for the table. I carry…

wildfowling gear

TOP FIVE: Wildfowling gear

Tom’s wildfowling gear is good to go for September 1st. Here he gives a run down on the wildfowling gear he relies on - and why he chose it.

wildfowling on marsh

How easy is it to join a wildfowling club?

Joining a wildfowling club My path to education came about thanks to the BASC wildfowling permit scheme, which provides a “suck it and see” opportunity for novices to try their hand at fowling. Luckily for me my local club, the Great Yarmouth Wildfowling & Conservation Association (GYWCA), is a keen…

ramshackle hut

Bewitchingly beautiful but spooky

From the first moment I saw Cambridgeshire’s Ouse Washes, a bewitching spell was cast over me. I was enchanted by the wildfowl as I peeped over the bank, enthralled by the sight of those semi-flooded  flat lands between the floodbanks, where all sorts of duck could be seen. To stand and stare down the  ooded washes into the…

Chesapeake Bay retriever

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is the ultimate wildfowling dog

Looking down at  me as I write is a splendid drake pintail, a memento of a wildfowling excursion in February 1989 with fellow Shooting Times contributor Mike Swan. Mike shot the pintail and presented it to me afterwards. It had been retrieved perfectly by his golden retriever. Mike has always had golden retrievers, so it was completely unmarked and instead…

choke for wildfowling

What is the right amount of choke for wildfowling?

Q: Last season was my first foray into wildfowling. I had been told by fowling friends, whom I assumed were knowledgeable, that a fully choked 12-bore was essential. I therefore acquired a 12-bore boxlock with fully choked left barrel and three-quarters choke with the right barrel. However, the results were extremely…


An evening flight of greylag in West Wales

It was a still, bright October evening at Llanrhidian in West Wales, and Tom and I had decided to try for a shot at evening flight. Being in the outer reaches of the Bristol Channel, this is a coast of big tides, and at 10m in Swansea tonight’s tide was predicted to be one of the biggest…


Wildfowling ban looms for Findhorn Bay

On 8 March, Moray Council will debate a call by Friends of Findhorn Bay to ban all shooting of geese and duck on the nature reserve. Earlier this year the group presented a petition signed by locals who do not want wildfowling to continue. However the Findhorn Bay Local Nature…

mallards in flight

Shooting groups unite to condemn law-breaking shoots

Countryside organisations have condemned inland shoots that are breaking the law by using lead shot for wildfowl, and have appealed to DEFRA to help identify and prosecute those responsible. Representatives from eight groups, including BASC and the Countryside Alliance, signed a letter to DEFRA secretary of state Elizabeth Truss MP. Some inland…

The skill of the wildfowling caller

The skill of the wildfowling caller

The sun had just started to rise, splashing orange hues on to the solid iron framework of the railway viaduct shadowed in the distance. A jay looped its way over the estuary, seemingly mocking the world as it flew noisily towards the marsh gutter in which I was crouched. It was vermin, and an intrepid songbird, egg and…

Remington Versa Max semi-auto shotgun

11 of our favourite semi-automatics for wildfowling

Lincoln Premier Wildfowling Gun As the name suggests, this fits the bill for a gun that’s dedicated to wildfowling – however it also has potential for other uses, including clay pigeon shooting. You can read our full recent review here, with a thorough write-up. £1200. Hatsan Escort Magnum  This is…

gundog wildfowling

Are you complying with the law on lead?

 Simon Prince, chief constable of Dyfed-Powys Police, who is the national police lead for rural crime, said: “We believe that there are still some members of the public who, whether knowingly or through a lack of understanding of the law, are using lead ammunition to shoot wildfowl in England and Wales.…