Tom Sykes looks at the different duck calls he uses to give him the edge when shooting on the foreshore

Brass wigeon call

Brass wigeon call

Wigeon whistle

Wigeon whistles come in all different shapes and sizes. My brother, Jack, uses a handmade whistle that my dad cobbled together in his early 20s. It is manufactured from the cartridge brasses of two cartridge cases that have been drilled and stuck together.

I have opted for the standard brass call that can be picked up from all good wildfowling suppliers. It is a simple call
to use; seal off the head of the call with your lips and suck air through in two short, sharp bursts, replicating the magical sound of the drake wigeon.

I use this call a lot when flighting wigeon, whether onto a flood or to pull them that little bit closer as they flight over the marsh. It isn’t the loudest call but will work wonders if used at the right time and place.

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  2. 2. Wigeon whistle
  3. 3. Wigeon growl
  4. 4. 6-in-1 whistle
  5. 5. Hen teal call
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