Tom Sykes looks at the different duck calls he uses to give him the edge when shooting on the foreshore

Hen teal call

Hen teal call

Hen teal call

As well as achieving the drake teal call, I like to carry a hen teal call. These are commonly small and the sound is produced by blowing air through a small reed, similar to a squeak in a dog chew. This call can take a little bit of mastering because you have to get the pressure right, with a bit of a growl in your voice to produce the correct sound.

This call works well near the end of the season because the drakes start to get fired up for breeding. I often use this call with the 6-in-1 to produce a range of sounds, as I do with the wigeon whistle 
and growl.

Another use for the hen teal 
call is as a fox squeak. Mine have been used over the years to replicate a hare squealing and they have pulled many 
foxes in range of the rifle.

wildfowling gear

TOP FIVE: Wildfowling gear

Tom’s wildfowling gear is good to go for September 1st. Here he gives a run down on the wildfowling gear…

All these duck calls and more can be achieved with a little practice.

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  2. 2. Wigeon whistle
  3. 3. Wigeon growl
  4. 4. 6-in-1 whistle
  5. 5. Hen teal call
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