Keen Young Shots

How did you start shooting? Teaching youngsters the basics of good shooting is crucial to the well-being, survival and reputation of the sport.

We’ve written about the best choice for a first gun, how to find a good shooting instructor, where youngsters can shoot and shooting competitions and schools that focus on young Shots.

Young Shots

Young Shots: six tips for getting started

How should young Shots get started in the field and on the clay ground? I started shooting at the age of eight. I’m lucky to come from a farming background, so there were opportunities to be involved in and around shooting from an early age. I followed my father’s lead…

starting wildfowling

What age should a youngster start shooting?

Eyebrows were raised at the last round of Home Office firearms licensing statistics when it was revealed that a seven-year-old had been approved for a shotgun certificate. That decision led to lively debate at my local clay ground. Opinions were split. A significant number of regulars felt that the decision…

Every day’s a school day

We were huddled together in an old Dumfriesshire farmhouse kitchen, with rain bouncing off the windows. “Whether we hit 10 birds today or 100 matters not,” announced 14-year-old Charlie Hattam, who was standing at the front with a broken arm, “but what does matter is safety.” Dotted round the room,…

Supervising a Young Shot

Supervising a Young Shot

As the media continues in its condemnation of young Shots, Will Finch argues that shooting from an early age has a positive effect on young people

Easter holiday activities for Young Shots

Looking for Easter holiday activities for Young Shots?

Young Guns in the making and those keen to improve their skills will jump at the chance to spend some of the holidays at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School on a Young Shots workshop. Designed for youngsters aged 10-18 years old, the courses give a solid and comprehensive introduction to…

Scout learning to shoot

7000 Scouts and Guides try shotgun shooting at Jamboree

It’s proving a wonderful opportunity for potential Young Guns to experience the sport at first hand, safely and with top instruction. Following an approach from the organisers of the Jamboree, the British Association for Shooting & Conservation (BASC) sent a team of coaches to run an ‘Introduction to Shotgun Shooting’…

Young Shots in Action

Summer holiday shooting for Young Shots

Various shooting grounds across the country are hosting Young Shots days to get young people involved in shooting during the summer holidays. Purdey Young Shots course at West London Shooting School (12 July) or West Oxfordshire Shooting School (11 July). The Purdey Young Shots course for 10-17 year olds provides…

father and son shooters

When boys become Guns

The first steps into the shooting world are often some of the most difficult to take. For young people in particular the prospect can seem as daunting as it is exciting, but it is essential that they are welcomed in to the sport if gameshooting is to flourish and thrive.…

Young Shot wins car at The Schools Challenge

Young Shot wins first car at The Schools Challenge

On Saturday 12th December, The Schools Challenge, the nation’s largest young shots organisation, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a clayshooting contest at The Oxford Gun Company. The overall winner Tom Scott, aged just 16, is now the proud owner of his first car, courtesy of Stratstone. Runners up were for…