We are the UK’s National Governing Body for the different shooting disciplines that make up the sport of Target Shooting. These are wide and varied including small-bore rifle and pistol, benchrest, field target, crossbow, target sprint plus many others.

The NSRA (National Small-bore Rifle Association) offers UK wide representation for over 1000 shooting clubs, county associations and other shooting bodies, and through this network approximately 50,000 individual shooters. It certainly is the case that the sum of the parts carries more weight and influence than an individual shooter may experience when faced with a legal, technical, insurance or training issue. By offering individual membership as well as club affiliation we aim to offer the best of both worlds.

National Small-bore Rifle Association

While we have experience and a track record built up over the past hundred years and more, we are at the forefront of all the current major campaigns to stand up for shooting and to protect individual shooters’ rights. Shooting is an often misunderstood sport where public perception can be long lasting and ill informed. The NSRA is proud to lead a sport that is truly inclusive whether measured in terms of age, gender, mobility or disability. Increasing research has also shown there are real health benefits to be enjoyed through participation in times where awareness of mental health needs is at an all time high.

National Small-bore Rifle Association

Do please consider the membership benefits we have illustrated as reasons for joining as we are structured to provide a comprehensive range of membership services to support shooters of all abilities, interests and practical needs. We are looking forward to 2022 and after an exceptionally difficult past couple of years for all of us, the NSRA would like to help you enjoy the sport we all love.

10 reasons to join or renew membership to the NSRA

    1. Leading the campaign against the existential threat of a lead ban
    2. Standing up for Shooters’ rights and freedoms
    3. Collaborating with other NGB’s to promote Shooting
    4. Investment in new technology through launch of online membership and results portals
    5. Upgraded facilities at Aldersley and Bisley
    6. NSRA Shops and upgraded Shop website
    7. NSRA Competitions and Championships eg, Bisley 100 
    8. NSRA Rewards Scheme offering discounts in many retail stores and other outlets
    9. Membership prices held for third consecutive year
    10. Payment options are available

You can join the NSRA now here or renew your membership. 

National Small-bore Rifle Association