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New HIKMICRO HABROK 4K– Practical test from daytime to twilight

With the HABROK 4K, manufacturer HIKMICRO now also has a new multispectral binocular on the market that can demonstrate its strengths especially in hunting and various recreational applications. The device with the digital 4K UHD resolution that gives it its name comes with an IR night vision function and a thermal imaging channel as well as many other features.

The HIKMICRO HABROK 4K is a state-of-the-art multispectral binocular designed specifically for hunting and recreational use. With its digital 4K UHD resolution and a 60 mm objective lens, it offers outstanding detail and color reproduction in low light conditions and twilight. The IR night vision function integrated into the device and an additional thermal imaging channel also enable wildlife observation in total darkness. An integrated IR illuminator and a laser rangefinder complete the functionality and make the HIKMICRO HABROK 4K a real all-rounder for wildlife and nature observation.

Functionality and sensors of our tested HIKMICRO HARBOK 4K binoculars

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View through the HIKMICRO HABROK 4K in Auto Nightvision mode.

The HABROK 4K combines several functions that make it a versatile tool for outdoor activities:

Day and night vision: the CMOS 4K image sensor delivers crystal-clear images in both daylight and twilight. The built-in IR illuminator produces high-resolution black and white images in the dark, making it possible to see and observe game even in complete darkness. With a magnification of 5.5x to 22x and a focal length of 60 mm, users can switch freely between wide-angle views and detailed close-ups, allowing them to approach or identify game in detail.

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Here is the view through the HABROK 4K in thermal imaging mode with the “Fusion” setting.

Thermal imaging: The thermal imaging camera with a 256×192 VOx sensor allows you to recognize animals by their heat signature, even if they are hiding behind light bushes or grass. This feature is particularly useful for scanning large areas quickly and searching efficiently.

Laser rangefinder: The integrated laser rangefinder can measure distances up to 1,000 meters with an accuracy of ±1 meter.

Connectivity and recording: The device enables the recording of photos and videos with sound in full HD, which can be saved on the local album or in the HIKMICRO SIGHT APP. This app also allows sharing on social media and full control of the device.

Typical areas of application of the tested HIKMICRO HABROk 4K binoculars

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The author testing the HIKMICRO HABROK 4K in the field. Here mounted on a tripod.

The HABROK 4K is ideal for hunters who are active both during the day and at dusk. The ability to detect animals through thermal imaging significantly improves the chances of success in finding game. The laser rangefinder and high-resolution optics ensure precise and effective targeting of game. The 4K sensor delivers sharp images during the day, while the built-in IR illuminator ensures clear black and white images at night. This enables hunters to detect animals early and analyze their behavior without disturbing them. The thermal imaging technology is particularly advantageous for stalking and hide hunting. Even behind light vegetation, animals can be recognized by their heat signature. This makes it easier for hunters to approach unnoticed and to observe and approach the game in peace before considering taking a shot. The integrated laser rangefinder helps to determine the exact distance to the target. This helps immediately when targeting wild boar in particular out in the field and when aiming for an accurate shot.

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The many features of the HIKMICRO HABROK 4K can be accessed via the controls on the top.

The ability to record videos and photos in full HD offers the opportunity to document and later analyze the movement patterns and behavior of wild animals. This information is valuable for planning future hunting strategies and understanding wildlife. 

But the HABROK 4K is also invaluable for leisure and nature observation and outdoor activities. The ability to see distant objects and animals clearly makes them the perfect companion for hiking, camping and wildlife watching.

An unbeatable combination: the HABROK 4K with the ALPEX 4K

The HABROK 4K can show its particular strengths in combination with the ALPEX 4K. The ALPEX 4K is a riflescope that, like the HABROK 4K, offers a clear color display during the day and a classic black and white display at night. It comes with a 3840×2160 UHD detector, a 50-mm objective lens with a F1.2-2.5 Adjustable Aperture and a 1920×1080 0.49-inch sub-round OLED display. The magnification is 3.5-28 (8x) The digital scope is available in two versions: as model A50EL and model A50E. The additional L means that this variant is equipped with a laser rangefinder. The price for the ALPEX 4K A50E is around 850 euros, for the ALPEX 4K A50EL it is in the region of 1,040 euros. IR-torches are available as separately sold accessories, as well as the corresponding bracket. A classic application for the HABROK-ALPEX combination is stalking deer during the day and at dusk. In this and other applications, the hunter can replace his/her traditional target optics with the ALPEX 4K and traditional observation optics with the HABROK 4K.

HIKMICRO HABROK 4K HE25L 5.5-22×60 specifications and price


HIKMICRO Habrok 4K HE25L 5.5-22×60

Optical unit

Thermal imaging unit

Image Sensor:

1.88” Progressive Scan CMOS

VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays




Frame Rate:

Not specified


Pixel Interval:


Response Waveband:

8μm to 14μm


Less than 35 mK (@ 25°C), F#=1.0

Objective Lens:

60 mm, F2.2

25 mm, F1.0

Field of View (H×W), Degrees / m @ 100 m 100m:

6.9°x4.1° / 12.0×7.2 m

7.0°×5.3° / 12.2×9.3 m

Detection Range:

350 m (night vision)

1,200 m

IR Illuminator Wavelength:

850 nm HE25LN / 850nm HE25L





0.49 inch, OLED, 1920×1080


Thermal: Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion; Optical: Day, Night, Auto


Zoom Pro, cold-warm modes, flat field correction, record video, snapshot, audio recording, GPS, compass, laser rangefinder (up to 1,000 m)

Further Information


795 g (without batteries)


138×68.2×223 mm

Protection Level:


Tripod Thread:


Battery Type:

2x 18650 battery

Operating Time: +8 hours according to manufacturer

Price (MSRP):

1,499 euro (price may vary in your country)

Product versions available: HIKMICRO HE25L and HE25LN, what is the difference?

The HIKMICRO HABROK 4K is available in two models, which differ in the wavelength of the integrated IR brightener:

HE25L 5.5-22×60 – 850mm emitter
This version uses an 850nm wavelength, ideal for all game species and offers approximately 20% more power. This model version is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications and maximum brightness.

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View of the lenses of the HIKMICRO HABROK 4K. On the left for thermal imaging, on the right the optical lens and in the centre above the 940nm IR illuminator.

HE25LN 5.5-22×60 – 940mm emitter
Our tested version uses a 940mm wavelength, specifically for red deer and skittish wild boar, to minimize interference. This version allows for more discreet lighting and is therefore perfect for sensitive game. However, the images are not as bright as with the L version.

Let’s summarise the general advantages and functions of the new HIKMICRO HABROK 4K thermal binoculars:

  • The avoidance of frequent gear changing leads to higher spotting efficiency
  • Due to the 4K UHD camera, there are more informative true living colors, thus you have more image details even at twilight
  • Snapshot and video recording with audio supported: no hunting memory is lost anymore
  • More simplified shooting set-ups with one click: a simple button click helps you to achieve a more accurate shot
  • Hunting highlights are saved in a local album: you can instantly check the results

Our test summary: HIKMICRO HABROK 4K

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HIKMICRO HABROK 4K: in the test, it proved to be a real innovative all-round binocular. It is ideal for hunters who are active during the day and at dusk.

The new HIKMICRO HABROK 4K is a versatile, robust and technologically advanced binocular designed specifically for versatile outdoor use. It offers outstanding image quality and numerous useful features that will delight both hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Its rugged construction and advanced technology make it the ideal companion for anyone who spends time in the great outdoors and does not want to have a real optical all-rounder as a companion. Of course, one should not expect complete night vision capability from this technology and price range, but for the promised purpose and low price, the new HIKMICRO HABROK 4 K is a very good choice for wildlife observation, whether during the day or at dusk.

Incidentally, the HABROK 4K has already won over others: shortly after its launch on the international market, it was awarded the Design Award 2024 and is the Red Dot Winner 2024.

HIKMICRO is currently offering a promotion: By purchasing a new Habrok 4K, the hunter automatically qualifies for a free Yeti Rambler. The requirements are simple: The Habrok 4K must have been purchased before August 31, 2024 and the hunter must register on the corresponding HIKMICRO promo page. The Rambler bottle redemption time is from June 1 to August 31, while supplies last. This promotion is only available in the following locations: UK, AU, NZ, FR, IT, ES, PT, DE, CZ, PL, SK, AT, GR, SI, HR, RS, BA, MT, MK, HU, RO, BG, CY.

Further information and details can be found on the HIKMICRO website.