Collins Nets has been supplying the game farming industry for over 30 years. The Collins brothers had already been manufacturing a selection of bespoke nets for the inshore fish farming industry for over five years prior to that. 

Initially large mesh knotted nets were manufactured to protect fish farms, lakes and ponds. But then a demand for nets to go over the sectioned grass runs and laying pens was realised.

Over time the list grew to include over 100 different sizes of bird nets. With sizes ranging from ¾” mesh to 100mm mesh, in small 11ft x 11ft pieces up to 100ft x 300ft pieces.

Collins Nets

Collins Nets

All nets are kept in stock year round for nearly every size that a keeper might ask for.

But it is not just nets now. Proudly the UK importer and stockist of Alke ceramic and thermostatic gas brooders, heavy galvanised wire netting, jumbo release pen netting, Shelterflex Waterproof Sheeting and so much more. 

There is also a vast range of feeders, drinkers, waterpipe and accessories to suit any keeper of game birds, waterfowl and poultry. 

The newest addition to the Collins Nets catalogue is the Cleanflo Nipple Drinker. Designed and developed over a number of years by Michael Wood.

Clean flo nipple drinker

Cleanflo nipple drinker

Michael Wood, Westfield Farms says“We have designed the Cleanflo out of necessity, there was a need for a flexible drinker suitable for all purposes, which is easy to maintain does not leak and most importantly supplies the birds with clean fresh water. Clean water is so important to ensure the health and wellbeing of all my birds, young and old. Clean water means less vet bills, healthier birds to deliver to customers, and once delivered they are able to thrive and grow quickly.”

To keep any kind of birds there are of course challenges. Disease being one. Good biosecurity is vital for improving overall flock health & productivity. 

Therefore introducing a comprehensive range of disinfectants, cleaners and sanitisers was essential for the catalogue. 

And as with all farming industries there are those predators large and small to challenge us. Vermin and insect control products are available to help in any way you choose to target the problem and prevent new issues. 

To get your copy posted request a catalogue online here: View & Request Collins Nets Catalogues | Collins Nets Ltd or call the Collins Nets team: 01308 485422.