Zoli Z One

Zoli Z One 12-bore

The latest addition to the Z range is the Zoli Z One, a black-actioned Sporter with detachable trigger unit on a Boss-type action. The overall design of the gun conforms beautifully to my expectations of a Sporter; there are no quirky over-engineered design features nor unnecessary aesthetic features. What is…

Blaser F16

Blaser F16 – an all-round winner

There is no doubt that Blaser caters for a higher end of the market and there was considerable excitement when its new shotgun, the Blaser F16, was launched in this country in 2016. Innovative The F16 is different to the earlier F3 – itself a highly regarded shotgun with a…

Perazzi High Tech S

Perazzi High Tech S

Reviewing the latest gun – the Perazzi High Tech S – from the most successful gunmaker of the 21st century comes with a considerable weight of responsibility. In the shooting world Perazzi means ‘success’ and conjures up images of Olympic gold medals, world championships and, of course, our very own…

Breda Zenith L

The Breda Zenith L Game Gun

The new Breda Zenith L is set up to be a game gun. As such, it has a solid sighting rib that tapers from 11mm to 7mm, as well as a solid joining rib. The action has restrained foliate engraving and is polished, with parts of it being brushed steel.…

Beretta A400 Upland 12-bore

Beretta A400 Upland 12-bore

It seems to be the season 
to review semi-automatics, 
with the latest offering — 
a new A400 Upland 12-bore 
— coming from Beretta. This one is a little sexed up compared with our last two camouflaged offerings, with a wooden stock and nickel-plated action, complete with some pheasant and partridge…

clayshooting with a 20-bore

Do 20-bore guns recoil less than 12-bores?

Q: Over the last three seasons, more of our syndicate members have switched from 12-to 20-bore guns. They’re nice and light and I’m thinking of following suit. Or does the 12-bore still have advantages? Do 20-bore guns recoil less? A: My word, you’ve opened a can of worms here! Entire…

Yildiz Wildfowler

Yildiz Wildfowler

Yildiz has been producing shotguns for 40 years and manufactures some 45,000 annually in a variety of models. It takes pride in its customer care and after-sales service, and also offers custom-made guns and special finishes. Although Yildiz produces a wide range of side-by-side game guns under the model name…

Chapuis C40 12 bore

Chapuis C40 12 bore reviewed by Shooting Gazette

Prior to picking up the Chapuis C40 for this month’s review the only other French shotgun I had shot before was a Darne made in the same region of France as the Chapuis but with a unique sliding breech action. So on opening the travel case I was quite relieved…

Miroku MK 60 12-bore

Miroku MK60 12-bore

I am reviewing the Miroku MK60 High Pheasant, which is intended to be sold in pairs. The brand has been popular on the competition circuit for a long time and has chalked up many major titles in the hands of shooters like Mickey Rouse, Carl Bloxham and Kevin Mayor. If…

Franchi Elegante Field

Franchi Elegante Field shotgun

There is a point at which you break away from a budget gun as you seek better quality, though what causes you to make that decision can be difficult to quantify. If you have reached that point, the Elegante 
Field, at £1,095, is a step up in 
quality at a…

Benelli 828U 12-bore

Benelli 828U 12-bore

With this series of guns, Benelli has cast aside convention. A newcomer to over-and-under guns, the company has previously been more concerned with the manufacture of semi-automatic shotguns, an area where it also broke the mould with its patented inertia drive system. Benelli’s semi-autos don’t use the pressure of the charge in the barrel to cycle the bolt (gas operation),…

double trigger 12-bore

Newnham double-trigger 12-bore

George Newnham is listed as setting up in the gun trade in 1866 and by 1905 the name, as on this gun, had changed to Newnham Limited, though still at 29 Commercial Road, Landport, Portsmouth. The company survived until around the start of World War II, with another change of name to Newnham & Co circa 1924.…

Belgian 12-bore sidelock

Before World War II, if you could not afford to buy an English gun there was the option of an economy Belgian alternative. Of course, not all shotguns proofed in Liège were cheap; the Belgians produced some stunning examples, if not always quite to the British taste, and they were major world…

Snowie 12-bore

Snowie 12-bore

The growth of interest over the past few years in hammerguns has undoubtedly saved shotguns that would otherwise have been left to rust away or be scrapped off. While older shooters seeking a bit of nostalgia or newcomers fascinated by the earlier technology often prefer a tidy, restored piece, unrestored guns, if otherwise in sound condition, can be…

Pedersoli Classic 12-bore muzzle-loader

Pedersoli Classic 12-bore muzzle-loader

Interest in the revival of muzzle-loading took off in the early 1970s, extending beyond the clay shoot to use in the field. The owner of one quite large shoot that I knew insisted that at the latter end of the season only muzzle-loaders were used. Though interest has declined a…

Benelli Super Nova 12-bore

Benelli SuperNova 12-bore

The Benelli SuperNova 12-bore is an advanced, aesthetically idiosyncratic pump-action shotgun built for a working life