William Powell Phoenix 12-bore

William Powell Phoenix shotgun is an Anglo-Italian blend of traditional build and handsome looks, creating an exceptional 12-bore over-under.

Huglu 12-bore 103DE shotgun review

Huglu 12-bore 103DE shotgun review: This Huglu 12-bore 103DE shotgun is made by a co-operative that dates from 1962 but claims an ancestry stretching back to 1914 and now produces a wide range of guns.

Purdey Sporter 12-bore over-and-under

With an eye-catching stock and hand-cut scroll-engraving, the new Purdey Sporter over-and-under impresses Lewis Potter with its flawless performance

Rizzini EM 12-bore shotgun review

Rizzini EM 12-bore shotgun: Take a look at this pair of Rizzini EM over-under shotguns, imported by, and specially made for, J. Roberts & Son of London.

Baikal 12-bore shotgun

Baikal 12-bore shotgun test

The Baikal 12-bore shotgun is a reliable, well-made gun capable in practical terms of holding its own against much more expensive alternatives