16 bore

An AYA and a Rizzini 16 bore – both of these stunning guns are indicators of a surge in popularity for the sweet 16

A 16-bore shotgun offers the sportsman a lighter gun which still has a very good killing power and range. Even for those guns who shoot the highest and most extreme birds, the 16-bore should be considered a genuine alternative.

16-bore shotguns

The revival of the 16-bore shotgun

In any article about 16-bores, one should do one’s best to avoid the standard cliche of using ‘sweet’ and ‘16’ together. Most writers find it impossible. Perhaps the best-known example was penned back in 1995 by American gun writer Michael McIntosh in his book Shotguns and Shooting. A chapter, called…

Damascus steel barrels

12 bore vs 16 bore – the great debate

Which would be your choice in the 12-bore vs 16 bore conversation? Ask some people why they use a 16-bore and they say they “stumbled across one by chance” but now wouldn’t use anything else. Here’s what our debates think … 16-bores are for rural hipsters says Ben Samuelson A…

Perazzi MX16

Perazzi MX16

The Perazzi MX16 – the Ferrari of shotguns? Often called the Ferrari of shotguns, Perazzis have a reputation for fast handling. They are regularly seen in the hands of masters like George Digweed and Ed Ling as they see off the competition. Unlike the Perazzi MX2000 S the MX16 is…

AYA 16-bore No.2

AYA 16-bore No. 2

I am looking at the pros 
and cons of the 16-bore in the form of an AYA Model No.2. If you are thinking of buying one, what are the alternative options for an English gun in the same calibre at a similar price? We frequently see 16-bores at the shooting…

EJ Churchill Regal

EJ Churchill Regal

It’s rare to see a side-by-side on a game shoot these days. They have fallen out of fashion and, although us shooters might like to think we are sticklers for tradition in our tweeds and brogues, many tastes in the shooting world are subject to trends. A case in point…

struggles with recoil

Struggling with recoil using a 12-bore?

Q:  I’ve started struggling with recoil when using my 12 bore: what can I do to reduce it? Is it time to change to a 16-bore? It’s really strange as my 12-bore fits me well. A: I come across many people who suffer with this and usually it’s a combination…

Rizzini RB EM 16-bore

Rizzini RB EM 16-bore

Rizzini is a gunmaker steadily making inroads into the British guntrade. It has some very attractive models at good value-for-money prices. This is my favourite in the range: the Rizzini RB EM 16-bore . The RB EM is a round bodied box lock gun with a bold scroll engraving pattern that reminds me of the traditional Holland Royal pattern.…

Beretta 687 EELLClassic

Top 10 guns for game

Beretta 687 EELL Classic £6,850 A modern icon, the EELL from Beretta is amongst the most sought after guns by sportsmen and women up and down the country, and with even a cursory glance it is easy to see why. With a design lineage stretching back to 1979, Beretta’s 680 line of guns have long…

16 bore

The rise and rise of the 16 bore

A recent advertisement by ASI – the importer of AYA guns from Spain and, more recently, Rizzinis from Italy – bravely announced that “16 bore is the new black!”. This seemed a bit cryptic on first reading but on further investigation disclosed that there was a bit of a fashion reference going on. Black, it would seem, is the…

Rizzini Artemis 16 bore

Rizzini Artemis 16 bore

As many experienced shots will know, quite a number of manufacturers engrave the name Rizzini on the actions of their guns thanks to the fairly astonishing abilities of a modern Italian gunmaking dynasty. There is E. Rizzini, once best known for making entry-level guns but now a part of Fausti, a high-end manufacturer.…

Blaser F16

Blaser F16

When Blaser launched the Blaser F16 at the Stonely Shooting Show back in February we can all honestly say the after burners were fully on, I could feel my eyebrows smoldering with one of the most dramatic gun launches I have seen in the gun trade. The question is: “Does the…

Drilling 16B/ 8mm

Drilling 16B/8MM

This Classic Gun is a drilling, manufactured circa 1920. It is a combination gun I know well because I once owned it, having bought it from local farmer friend at the end of the 1970s for £40. When I had it on my firearms certificate, there was a condition added that “only…

Gun reviews: William Powell Monarch 16-bore shotgun

Gun reviews: William Powell Monarch 16-bore shotgun: With its traditional looks and smooth handling, Lewis Potter discovers a gun that confounds those critics who dismiss all 16-bores out of hand.

Gun reviews: William & Son 16-bore shotgun

Gun reviews: William & Son 16-bore shotgun: This assisted-opening side-by-side is an elegant example of the best of British gunmaking. Unsurprisingly, it is not cheap.

Arietta Crown 16-bore shotgun review

Gun reviews: Arietta Crown 16-bore shotgun: The Arietta Crown is a lovely little 16-bore from the renowned Spanish gunmaker.

William & Son 16-bore shotgun review

William & Son 16-bore shotgun: The result of hours of work from some of the world’s most talented gunmakers, this 16-bore gun from William & Son is a perfect shooting partner.