Fausti .410

Fausti XF4 .410

This review of an Italian shotgun is something slightly different — the Fausti XF4 .410 with 32in barrels. We do use .410s at the shooting school in both over-and-under and side-by-side format for young shooters, to get them started, particularly if their upper body strength cannot deal with a larger…

Beretta A400 28-bore semi-auto

Second-hand small-bore shotguns – what to buy?

A second-hand 28-bore or a .410? With more than £1,000 to spend on a small-bore shotgun, either a 28-bore or a .410, our reader has plenty of scope. In fact, he could buy a new gun if he so wished, particularly if he looked at the Turkish market. If he…

Easter holiday activities for Young Shots

What’s the best first gun for a youngster? A .410 or a 28-bore?

Which is the best first gun? My son, who is 12, is keen 
to start shooting and I am considering buying a light side-by-side .410. However, one 
of my shooting friends thinks a 28-bore might be more suitable. Which of the two is the best first gun? Many experienced shooters…

First gun advice

First gun advice for my son. A 20-bore or a .410? What’s best?

A: Mike says: It depends on the sort of shooting your son is going to be doing. If his first gun is just for a bit of general vermin control around a farm, then the .410 might be okay. However, if he’s going to do clay, game or pigeons over decoys, then I’d go for the 20-bore and…

Armed Guns SPE .410

Armed Guns SPE .410

You would be forgiven if, like me, you had never heard of Armed Guns, the Turkish manufacturer whose wares are the latest to reach the UK thanks to importer Edgar Brothers. Based in the city of Izmir on the western edge of Anatolia, Armed Guns produces a range of shotguns and air rifles for sporting uses, as well as…

Savage .22/.410 combination

Savage .22/.410 Combination

Combination guns are not that common in the UK, probably because of the type of shooting we do, our terrain and our licensing laws. They are common in Germany and Austria, however, sometimes with three or even four barrels. There are many calibre combinations with any mixture of shotgun and rifle barrels. The terrain can be more extreme…

Lincoln Premier Gold .410

Lincoln Premier Gold .410

What makes a particular model of shotgun, or range of guns, popular? You could argue that it is fashion, but that is ephemeral and rarely results in long-term interest. Perhaps we could assume it is maybe a combination of looks, reliability, availability, price and name. That is probably not all — if it were, every gunmaker could…

Mossberg .410 shotgun

Gun reviews: Mossberg .410 shotgun

Gun reviews: Mossberg .410 shotgun: It isn't a thing of beauty, but this moderated Mossberg .410 is a brilliant tool when it comes to controlling vermin.

Webley & Scott Junior .410

The Webley & Scott Junior .410 is an over-under, which most youngsters learning to shoot will want to use, and has a specially shortened stock and 26" barrels, ideal for a child’s smaller frame

Gun reviews: Yildiz .410 shotgun

Gun reviews: Yildiz .410 shotgun: Turkish gun maker, Yildiz was a virtual unknown in Britain a few years ago but that’s all changed now.

Bioto .410 shotgun review

Gun reviews: Bioto .410 shotguns: They might be heavy but these South American-made side-by-side and over-under .410s are soundly made and built to get the job done.

Baikal 410 shotgun

Baikal .410 shotgun review

Baikal .410 shotgun review : this sound-moderated conversion of the Baikal .410 could prove popular with young, first-time shooters, but does it do the job it’s meant to?

Hushpower .410 shotgun

Hushpower .410 shotgun

Gun reviews: Hushpower .410 shotgun: This moderated Hushpower .410 shotgun is based on an American Mossberg 500 pump gun.

Yildiz .410 shotgun review

One of the attractions of the Yildiz .410 is that it’s built on a scaled down action to suit its; it isn’t simply a 20 or 28-bore with a set of beefed up .410 barrels hooked up to the hinge pin