airgun laws

10 questions about air rifles – and 10 answers

1. Do I need a licence to own an air rifle? In England and Wales you do not need a licence to own what is regarded as a “legal limit” airgun. This is an air rifle producing a muzzle energy not in excess of 12ft/lb or an air pistol producing…

multi-shot airguns

Why do multi-shot airguns cost more?

Paying more for a pre-charged airgun with a magazine-fed firing cycle is probably justified if 
you intend to use it for hunting. When 
a fast second shot is required to finish off wounded quarry, the extra speed of being able to cock and reload the gun with the throw of…

What happens when you use an imitation owl to lure crows and magpies?

Corvid control with an air rifle can be unpredictable. There are days when the quiet stealth of a moderated airgun can be a real asset, enabling you to pick off countless birds before they wise up to what’s going on. And, of course, there are plenty of times when suspicious…

improve airgun accuracy

How to improve the accuracy of your air rifle

Most shooters want to be able to shoot more accurately and there are lots of things you can do to improve the precision of the average airgun. Serious geeks take it to the absolute extreme. While “dark arts” such as tuning a gun’s internals and washing and weighing pellets can…

Can I run an air rifle range at a fete?

Q: I am thinking of running an air rifle range at a church fete. Is this lawful and if so, what do I need to look out for when running it? Any pointers would be useful. A: An air rifle range at a church fete 
is a “miniature rifle” range…

rats in hen house

Dealing with rats in the hen house

Having an air rifle in the house often proves handy for impromptu backyard pest control. My airguns are called into action in the garden to deal with marauding grey squirrels, but more recently it has been dealing with rats in the hen house. Grain attracts rats We keep hens and…

air rifle pellets

FAC airgun accuracy – how can you improve it?

Q: I have recently switched from a sub-12ft/lb air rifle to an FAC-rated pre-charged model producing muzzle energy of around 40ft/lb and my results have so far been very disappointing. My old air rifle is capable of grouping pellets within half an inch at 30m, whereas the high-powered one is…

garden airgunning

Garden airgunning

If you have a moderate sized garden then you probably have enough room to set up a shooting range for an air rifle. Long warm evenings mean you can enjoy a spot of airgunning after work and improve your markmanship along the way. It’s also a good time to introduce…

airgun on ground

BASC and RSPCA align on airguns

Improved enforcement of airgun laws is required to tackle increasing misuse, say BASC and the RSPCA, which plan to set up 
a working group to tackle the issue. Solving airgun crime The consensus comes after the two organisations hosted a joint conference dedicated to solving the issue of airgun crime.…

Am I allowed to shoot my airgun in local woods open to the public?

A: I am new to airgun shooting and want to know whether I’m allowed to shoot in local woods that are open to the public. If I need formal airgun shooting permission, how should I go about contacting the owner? Q: You need permission from the landowner or the owner…

pigeon shooting with airguns

Shooting pigeons with an airgun and placing decoys

While I can’t deny that the shotgun is the most effective tool for keeping woodpigeon at bay when they are hammering crops, it is possible to make decent bags with the air rifle. Not everyone has a shotgun and, with a little forethought and lots of fieldcraft, airgunners can enjoy…

gloves for airgunners

Gloves for airgunners – what’s suitable?

Q: I’m struggling to find a pair 
of gloves that are suitable for airgun shooting. Like many airgun shooters, I like to set my trigger fairly light and that can make for tricky shooting with gloved hands. Is there anything that combines warmth with good trigger feel? Camouflage and comfort…

Airgun law

Shooters oppose unjust airgun law

Further restrictions on airgun use in England and Wales would be “disproportionate” and “bad law”. That is the firm response from shooting groups as the Home Office draws its review of airgun licensing to a close. The review was launched to consider whether existing legislation is sufficient to prevent children…

Airgun consultation

Government airgun consultation underway

The Home Office has launched its consultation into the regulation of airguns, which was announced last year. Stakeholders and the public were asked to respond with their opinions as to whether existing legislation is sufficient to prevent children accessing airguns. BASC told the Home Office that no further restrictions are…

air rifle

Air weapons review opened this week

The air weapons review was announced in October following a recommendation by Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner for Suffolk, Dr Peter Dean, who wrote to the Home Office requesting a review after the death of Benjamin Wragge, aged 13, who was accidently shot by an air weapon.  The review will seek…

airgun pellet box

How should I transport airgun pellets safely?

Air rifles: I recently purchased a C02 powered semiautomatic pistol, marked Crosman Model 600. I was assured it had been fully checked before sale, but I cannot get it to repeat fire through the magazine.