Eley VIP Steel Pro Eco

Eley VIP Steel Pro Eco – tested by Sporting Gun magazine

My expectations were not high when I tested the new Eley VIP Steel Pro Eco. But I was floored when I found that they were every bit as good as cartridges with lead shot. I tried to be scientific about testing the new eco cartridges and used a pattern plate…

wildfowler on foreshore

Ammunition for wildfowlers

Before we start, I should point out that cartridge choice is personal preference and you need to do your research to find one that suits your needs, gun and quarry. You should also be aware of what your gun is capable of firing and seek advice from a firearms dealer…

Creedmoor 6.5 size comparison

The 6.5mm Creedmoor round – why stalkers are talking about it

Q: I keep hearing about a new round called the 6.5mm Creedmoor and friends say it 
is the best cartridge for deer. 
Is that true? A: The 6.5 Creedmoor is one 
of the new wave of cartridges designed to get the best possible ballistics from an efficient case design. The…

Brown rat

Cartridges for vermin

The game season might be finished but now’s the time to mount an onslaught against those birds and beasties which, given half a chance will steal game bird eggs and kill sitting hens come the nesting season

.22 LR High Velocity ammo test

Speed, power and accuracy are essential for successful pest control — Bruce Potts tests six of the classic .22LR High Velocity rounds to see which is the top performer.

pigeon shooting cartridges

Pigeon shooting cartridges review

Pigeon shooting cartridges review: Charles of Just Cartridges zooms in on three new woodpigeon loads that deliver both great knock down power, and terrific value for money.

.22WMR Cartridge ammunition review

Bruce Potts tests a range of .22WMR cartridges, from flat-shooting loads to deep penetrators, and finds them ideal for all kinds of vermin.

.17 Hornet calibre review

.17 Hornet calibre review: Rifle expert George Wallace investigates a baby centrefire that’s been a long time in development - the .17 Hornet.

20-bore high game cartridge review

We’ve got plenty of suitable 12-bore loads available for shooting high birds but what about the increasingly popular 20?

.35 Remington cartridge review

.35 Remington cartridge review: Modern ballistics have found solutions to many problems, but Bruce Potts finds a century-old cartridge able to stand its ground in close-range stalking.

24g shotgun cartridges review

With the exception of some budget priced 1oz clay loads the cost of cartridges continues to creep ever upward and the latest price increase on the metals market is bound to make more shooters take a look at what 24gm shells have to offer.

.20 Tactical calibre review

The .20 Tactical calibre is often considered as the best pest control round for British shooters. Will manufacturers ever make the rifles to match it?

.22 Hornet calibre review

Why is the .22 Hornet calibre so underrated for rifle shooting? It achieves great results and is economical both with powder charges and noise.

28-bore shotgun and cartridge review

Are 28-bore guns 'man enough' to cope with really high driven pheasants? Here, Charles carries out a very unscientific experiment to find out the answer.

.223 Remington cartridges review

.223 Remington cartridges: Developed for the US military, the .223 Remington provides the perfect vermin and small deer calibre, particularly if you are prepared to reload.

16-bore cartridge review

The 16-bore shotgun has always been a popular choice among shooting men on the continent.

.17 Remington cartridge review

The .17 Remington cartridge has often received mixed reviews. However, given the right situation, it is the ideal cartridge for varmint shooting.