Baikal shotguns

29 things you should know about Baikal shotguns

Baikal shotguns are more reliable than their price would suggest. You can depend on them. If you’re on a modest budget then a Baikal is a good first buy. A new over-and-under would be about £617 A new side-by-side would set you back about £562 They are made in the…

first gun a Baikal

Should his first gun be a Baikal?

We recently had a query from a reader, Tomasz Dojnikowski,  who asked: ” Hi guys. I’m looking to buy my first shotgun but do not have a big budget. I’m looking at second-hand Baikal 12g 27E-1C. Are these any good as first shotguns? Not much experience with it. Been using an air…

Baikal MP-27

Why a Baikal should no longer be the butt of jokes

Back in the mid-1970s a group of us regularly used to get together to try for a rabbit or pigeon on a Saturday morning before going on to our pocket-money jobs. Our guns were an eclectic assortment: Mike had a new over-and-under that we all secretly coveted; I used the…

A real Baikal shotgun

Is my shotgun a Baikal?

I've inherited one of those Baikal shotguns with a selective trigger, but I'm darned if I can get it to work!

A closer look at a Baikal shotgun

A closer look at a Baikal shotgun

Considering a Baikal shotgun? Mike George explains why the Russian-built shotgun is one of his top ten guns produced during the last half-century

Baikal over and under

My first gun – a Baikal single-barrel 12-bore

Strictly speaking my Baikal single-barrel 12-bore was not my first shotgun. That honour goes to a BSA Snipe, a single-barrel shotgun given to me by my cousin Geoff Hoyle. He was a target pistol shooter of some renown, an editor of a target-shooting magazine and really wasn’t that interested in shotguns. He generously passed the Snipe on to me as…

baikal combination gun

Baikal Scout combination gun

This unusual gun combines the effectiveness of both the .410 and the .22RF, writes Lewis Potter

first gun a Baikal

Second-hand Baikal shotgun review

The reason, like the guns themselves, is simple. Baikal shotguns were – and still are – cheap and reliable. In the UK they have brought thousands of people with very little spare cash into the shooting sports, and the figure world-wide must be millions. They are truly guns for the…

Baikal MP43 E-1C shotgun

Baikal MP43 E-1C shotgun review

Baikal MP43 E-1C shotgun review: With superior steelwork, strong mechanics and good performance, the latest Russian-made side-by-side should impress.

Baikal .410 shotgun review

Baikal .410 shotgun review : this sound-moderated conversion of the Baikal .410 could prove popular with young, first-time shooters, but does it do the job it’s meant to?

Baikal 12-bore shotgun

Baikal 12-bore shotgun test

The Baikal 12-bore shotgun is a reliable, well-made gun capable in practical terms of holding its own against much more expensive alternatives