Beretta Silver Pigeon

Beretta offers a comprehensive choice of guns for the shooter. Models for clayshooting, gameshooting, wildfowling and competitive events. The Silver Pigeon in all its different forms is a popular choice as is the EELL. Read all our Beretta gun reviews below.

best English guns

Are English guns the best?

The famous makers of English guns – Holland & Holland, Boss, Purdey, William Evans, Westley Richards. These names are revered as the finest examples of the gunmaker’s art around the world. Or is that really true? Inherited English guns You’ll see plenty of people turning up at a smart driven…

Beretta DT11 EELL

Beretta DT11 EELL

High birds Over the latter part of the past season the birds were fit and strong and flying with the assistance of some stiff gales. Invariably these birds, in addition to the challenge of their height, are sliding, gliding, rising, falling or dropping a wing, or all of the above.…

Beretta 694

Beretta 694 – for competitions and high birds

Normally when a new product is going to hit the market you get the pre-launch ‘coming soon’ marketing. There’s no such approach with the new Beretta 694 — it’s as if Beretta has been running a black ops mission to design a new clay gun. The new gun is aimed…

Beretta A400 Upland 12-bore

Beretta A400 Upland 12-bore

It seems to be the season 
to review semi-automatics, 
with the latest offering — 
a new A400 Upland 12-bore 
— coming from Beretta. This one is a little sexed up compared with our last two camouflaged offerings, with a wooden stock and nickel-plated action, complete with some pheasant and partridge…

Beretta SL3

Beretta SL3 reviewed by Shooting Gazette magazine

A brand new model from the Beretta dynasty is not something that comes along every day. I first laid eyes on the Beretta SL3 when it was launched with much fanfare at IWA last year. Since then, I’ve been keen to have a closer look and put the gun through…

Beretta 687 EELL limited edition

Beretta 687 EELL Deluxe Field

Beretta’s 687 EELL has been the Italian gunmaker’s bestseller for the past 30 years. So how can the company improve something that is already a firm favourite with shooters? Bring out a limited edition, of course. Limited to just 100 guns, the 687 EELL Deluxe Field features deep scroll engraving…

Beretta 695 reviewed by Shooting Gazette

The Beretta 695 on test is a relatively new offering from the Beretta stable and top of the range for shotguns based upon the 690 action. It is available in 12 bore and 20 bore and in this form comes with fine, deep-relief scroll engraving and Grade 3 premium walnut…

lightweight 12-bore shotguns

Three secondhand lightweight 12-bores

“I have turned 70 and, although I can still walk fair distances, the 8lb Sporter I use for all of my shooting has become rather too heavy. I am therefore looking for a lightweight 12-bore – either O/U or semi-auto. Recoil doesn’t bother me too much as nowadays as I…

Beretta 690 Field 1

Beretta 690 Field 1 20-bore reviewed by Shooting Times

I have become somewhat blasé regarding the various models produced by Beretta. To the uninitiated, the dealer’s rack appears to have an array of products from Beretta that look the same. They share similar lines in style, they have ranges based upon the same action and different actions are similar…

second-hand gun for £1000 Beretta

How to choose a second-hand gun for £1000

Mike George’s buying advice for a second-hand gun for £1,000 The most common request I get from readers is advice on buying a first gun. It’s also one of the most common queries received on the forum section of our website. It all depends on the amount of money the…

Beretta Ultralight Gold

Beretta Ultralight Gold reviewed by Shooting Gazette

Long-term experts in using alloy metals in constructing their guns, Beretta build the Ultralight Gold largely from a tough, lightweight aluminium alloy with the main wearing parts of the gun being made from tougher stuff. This is most clearly seen in the action face where a titanium insert will take…

Beretta 692 Sport

Beretta 692 Sport reviewed by Shooting Gazette

With the gameshooting season well and truly over and August some weeks away yet, we move into what can be a tricky time of year for the sporting shot. Without a regular weekend fix of high-bird shooting, the local clay ground begins to look a very tempting proposition indeed –…

The Beretta 690 Field I shotgun

Beretta 690 Field I shotgun reviewed by Shooting Times

When a gunmaker is established with a strong following, there still arises from time to time the need to bring something new to the market. There are three possible routes. First, something new and revolutionary that could be a great success or could offend previously loyal customers, for shooters are…

Beretta 690 Field I

Win! Beretta 690 Field I worth over £2,300

One lucky Shooting Times reader will win the new Beretta 690 Field I. Beretta has combined technology with tradition, creating an elegant and smooth-shooting shotgun. Beautifully finished, the stock is manufactured from specially selected grade-2.5 walnut, which has been further enriched by Beretta’s new enhanced oil-finishing process. The receiver features…

Beretta 690 Field I

Beretta 690 Field I reviewed by Shooting Gazette

It is a natural human instinct to have favourites even when we are told we really shouldn’t. Though you might happily wear a smile and tell your difficult teenage daughter that of course she’s your favourite child as she attempts to shake you down for an extra £20 for the weekend, we all know that if it came down to…

Beretta 687 EELL Classic

Beretta 687 EELL Classic

I first got my hands on this delightful custom Beretta in the April 2015 issue of Shooting Gazette. On first look the differences are purely aesthetic: the Classic we tested last year had fully scroll-engraved side plates, but this month’s gun is engraved with game scene vignettes. And despite almost identical specifications between the two guns, one small difference ticked on the…

Beretta DT10

Beretta DT10 shotgun review

Gun reviews: Beretta DT10 shotgun: If you're serious about breaking clays then out-and-out competition guns don't come any more serious than the DT10.

Beretta 686 Onyx shotgun

Beretta 686 Onyx

The Beretta 686 Onyx is a shotgun that falls somewhere between the Essential and the Silver Pigeon.


Second-hand Beretta 682 shotgun

In 1984 Beretta brought out a new O/U designated the 682. It was a replacement for the 680, which had been their main competition gun for the previous decade, and it was to prove an enduring design.