The Browning B525 is a range of guns from Browning, well thought out and with some features which sportsmen will appreciate.

Browning B525 Laminated

B525 Game Laminated: Stand out for more than just your skill

The B525 Sporter Laminated created a buzz when it was launched. At the time, we took the bold step of bringing out a shotgun with a laminated wood stock, a material that had traditionally been the preserve of rifles. Such a choice has multiple benefits, from its resilience in harsh…

Browning B525 Exquisite

Browning B525 Exquisite : deep engravings and fancy woods

Jewellery and gun making have more in common than you might imagine. Just look at the B525 Exquisite and you’ll see that. The finesse and depth of its engraving give this gun a unique character. The engraving covers not only the action frame but also the trigger guard, in an…

Elliot Roberts

Browning 525 Game Laminate

Back in 2019, Browning released a new gun to the market, which caused a great stir in the shooting community. The Browning 525SL (Sporter Laminate) was a fresh take on the firm’s much-loved sporting shotguns. It had stylish looks and a distinctive grey laminate stock. It was innovative, bold and…


Why did the Browning 525 Laminate leave our reviewer speechless?

The shotgun on test this month is the Browning 525 Laminate, a new offering from Browning that will be available in the UK from June 2019. Featuring grey laminate woodwork, it is aimed at the clay shooter and has a recommended retail price of £2,175. The demonstration model arrived at…

Browning B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable

Browning B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable

The recent addition of the Browning B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable to Browning’s range is certain to delight the dedicated clay shooter, whether a devotee of Sporting, FITASC or Trap disciplines. All in all, it’s a great all-round gun based on the well-proven 525 action frame. It is supplied with…

Browning B525 Liberty Light

Browning B525 Liberty Light

Designed specially for lady shooters, this stunning new addition to the Browning range is likely to become a highly sought after lightweight 12-bore shotgun. What’s new? Although Browning has produced a lightweight range for some time, this new addition breaks the mould due to some new and exciting characteristics. •…

Browning B525 Game shotgun

Secondhand Browning – three of the best for an all-rounder

“I have always wanted to own a Browning, 
and now I believe some models may fall within my budget. I shoot pigeons and game, and I am also a member of a clay shooting club not far from where I live. In other words, I am an all-rounder.” Specifications Max…

game gun

Three popular game guns to buy second-hand

Mike George’s buying advice for game guns When people ask for multi-use, most experienced shooters recommend a sporter. Sporters are built to tackle our domestic sporting disciplines and similar targets under the international FITASC rules, all of which try to simulate targets encountered in field shooting. Most sporters weigh within…

Browning B525

Browning B525 shotgun

In 2003 Browning brought out the B525 and at the time it represented the latest phase in the development of the company’s Miroku-built models. The gun had some subtle yet key refinements which improved it and set it apart from what had come before. Available in huge range of styles…

Second-hand Browning B525

Gun reviews: Secondhand Browning B525: When Browning introduced their B725 model last year, a lot of people thought that the 525 had come to the end of its production run.

Browning B525 Game shotgun

Browning B525 Game shotgun review

Gun reviews: Browning B525 Game shotgun: Take a look at the Browning B525 - a shotgun that's been refined and redesigned. Was the wait worth it?

Browning B525 Light Classic shotgun review

Browning B525 Light Classic shotgun review: Browning’s lively game gun is a well-balanced blend of traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation.