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Looking to buy an air rifle on a budget? Our reviewers have researched different airgun brands and models to see which represent best value for money, whether you are buying new or second hand.

Bargain air rifles

Matthew Clark, editor of Sporting Gun comments: “There are some real bargain air rifles out there, especially on the second-hand market. Some high quality PCPs from Air Arms, Weihrauch and Daystate are a fraction of their original price if bought second-hand.

“If you want a new PCP, then there is plenty of choice from makers such as Hatsan, Webley and Cometa that really offer great value for money and stunning accuracy.

“If you prefer the simplicity and self-sufficiency a spring-powered airgun gives you then you have a wide range of quality air rifles, both new and used. These sort of airguns, being relatively simple mechanically, can be kept going for decades if looked after properly.”

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Browse through our articles below and you can be confident that when it comes to buying bargain air rifles, you are well informed so that you can make a value for money choice.

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Second-hand air rifles | Air rifles for under £500 | PCP air rifles under £700 |

PCP air rifles under £500

Buying a second-hand air rifle

How to buy a used air rifle

You can save a fortune by buying a second-hand air rifle. But if you don’t know what to look out for, it can also end up leaving you out of pocket. Here’s what to look out for so you make the right decision when it comes to acquiring a pre-owned air rifle.…

Top five PCP air rifles for under £700

Buying a precharged pneumatic airgun (PCP) isn’t cheap. First off there is the rifle, which will cost a few hundred pounds. Then there’s the scope plus the air bottle or pump and that’s going to be around £200. The good news is that after the initial outlay you’ll be set…

pre-charged airguns

Five of the best pre-charged airguns for under £500

Although some people have the skill to shoot very precisely with spring-powered airguns, pre-charged (or PCP) models are generally easier to shoot accurately because they don’t recoil. The extra engineering involved in producing that recoilless firing cycling has tended to make PCPs more expensive than springers, but the price gap…

best air rifles under £500

Six popular air rifles for under £500

One of the greatest appeals of airgun shooting is its affordability. For a few hundred pounds — and sometimes significantly less — you can pick up an air rifle that should give years of reliable service. With Christmas looming large 
on the horizon, it is likely more than a few…


Will a budget air-rifle really do the job?

Airguns are not only my hobby, they are also my livelihood, and as someone who subscribes to the adage that you should always use the right tool for the job, I like to use the best shooting equipment that my budget can stretch to. However, not everyone can justify forking…

PCP air rifles under £500

Three impressive PCP air rifles for under £500

PCP air rifles are relatively cheap, easy to shoot and given a decent backstop you can even practise in the back garden. Perfect for pest control and ideal around a farm yard if you need to get rid of vermin with little risk of damage to property or stock. Why…

Best airguns

We pick out some of the best airguns around

In the market for buying a new airgun? Look no further, we have rounded up some of the best airguns on the market. Take part in our poll below to support your favourite. Weihrauch HW100 K, HW100 TK Length: 96cm Weight: 3.3kg with moderator What it offers: This impeccably finished pre-charged…

BSA Mercury

BSA Mercury airsporter reviewed

In the 1970s, when I was a teenager and mad keen on air rifles, there were two camps you fell into. You were either a British BSA or Webley shooter or a German Weihrauch or Feinwerkbau user. I was defi nitely in the Teutonic camp as my Weihrauch HW35 went everywhere I did. However, as pocket…

Webley Stingray Express LE

Webley Stingray Express LE

Webley & Scott was one of our oldest gunmakers but sadly it ceased manufacturing in Britain in 2005 and all its airguns are now made in Turkey. It is a shame because the penultimate years bore some classic air rifles. This was largely influenced by the merger of Venom Arms…

Diana Model 48

Diana Model 48

The Diana gun-works in Germany is one of the oldest air rifle makers in Europe. Formed in 1890, it celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2015, when it was taken over by German Sports Guns. Diana has always produced air rifles for both the common shooter and the enthusiast, as well as offering…

Jackal Hi Power .22 air rifle

Jackal Hi Power .22 air rifle

The Jackal air rifle was a pivotal design that led to the rise and acceptance of synthetic stock use in Britain today. Sussex Armoury, the Hailsham-based maker of the Jackal range, was not shy in designing air rifles that caught the eye in the 1970s. Its close association with Sig-Hammerli in Switzerland led to one of…

Relum tornado

Relum Tornado

Remarks such as “Oh, I had one of those and mine’s still shooting,” are the sort that get made about the Relum Tornado air rifle. It was never going to win any prizes for good looks or power (or accuracy for that matter) but they were produced in huge numbers…

Umarex 850 Air Magnum air rifle

Umarex 850 Air Magnum air rifle: Powered by liquid gas is the world's first mass produced, full-power Co2 hunting rifle.

Webley Osprey air rifle review

Webley Osprey

Webley & Scott is a long-established, gun manufacturer, but one airgun stands out from the others produced by the company, and that is the Osprey. Following the theme of naming their guns after birds of prey with their longstanding break-barrel Hawk models, the Osprey was a full-sized side-lever rifle designed…