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choke tubes

How to care for shotgun chokes

The screw-in choke tube is a very common option on most shotguns and it is important to maintain it properly.

Shotgun choke

25 important things to know about choke

If you swap chokes around you can use the same shotgun for a variety of different disciplines. Most of us don’t shoot well enough to get any real benefit from choke. Screw-in chokes arrived in the late 1970s with the Winchester 101 series of guns. Good technique and practice are…

What is the best shotgun cartridge and choke combination for pheasant shooting?

New techniques in powder and wads have improved all the shotgun cartridges on the market these days – they’re faster AND maintain a good pattern. Cartridge tips for this pheasant season Find a shotgun cartridge brand you like and stick with it. Side-by-sides and over-unders are both catered for by…

Shooting with choke

Should I change chokes on high bird days?

A: In more recent years it has become fairly standard practice for over-unders to be multi-choked, thereby opening up a dilemma for many shooters about what choke to use. I think this decision is best made by answering the following three questions: what are you going to be shooting, over what distances, and more importantly, with what cartridges? Thinking about the…

pigeon shooting

Choosing the right shotguns and cartridges for pigeon shooting

What type of gun for pigeon shooting? Over-and-under The over-and-under is my preference for pigeon shooting because the design aids the shooter. You have a single sight plane, which naturally takes your vision out to the bird. The pistol grip ensures you grip the gun properly and aids in absorbing recoil. It’s far more versatile with…

choke for wildfowling

What is the right amount of choke for wildfowling?

Q: Last season was my first foray into wildfowling. I had been told by fowling friends, whom I assumed were knowledgeable, that a fully choked 12-bore was essential. I therefore acquired a 12-bore boxlock with fully choked left barrel and three-quarters choke with the right barrel. However, the results were extremely…


Fixed chokes or screw-in chokes? What’s best?

A: Personally, I don’t think that most of us shoot well enough to get any real benefit from choke. Consequently, I would always go for fixed chokes and ones that were very open. However, if you become a very good shot, then screw-in chokes may help. The first wave of screw-in chokes…


Are we fixated on the amount of choke?

I’ve never been able to make up my mind on what’s the right amount of choke to have in a gun. Tight guns bring certain advantages when shooting any of the five trap disciplines, but how much — or how little — is best for a gun used in the field, or on…

Pigeon shooting chokes

Which are the best chokes for pigeon shooting?

Edward Watson: Now the season is over, it is so important to keep shooting. Most of you will break some clays in the off season, but if you do get the chance to shoot some pigeons, then please do. It is a wonderful way to shoot at live birds while…

Do I need full choke for high game shooting?

Game shooting: Two friends have invited me game shooting on a high pheasant day. They use long barrelled trap guns with full choke but my Sporter has only got ¼ and ½. Will this be enough?