Rooks by a rookery

The intelligence of rooks

Few birds divide opinion like the rook. On the one hand we have farmers, who often endure massive damage to crops at certain times of the year, and on the other, the people who love to hear the most quintessentially English bird going about its business.  The background cawing of…


How bad are rooks for game birds?

Do rooks do as much harm to nesting game birds as carrion crows and magpies. If so, what's the best method of control?

Crow shooting with a Shotkam

Crow shooting with a Shotkam

Back in March I caught up with my good friend, Jack Depledge who is also a contributor of Sporting Gun, who writes about college life for young keepers. Jack and I have been pals for a number of years and I always like a catch up where possible – and what…

crow shooting

The right rifle for crow control

Crow shooting is no longer solely for shotgunners. Bruce Potts investigates the relative merits of centrefi res and rimfires for a safe and humane despatch

Crow shooting

Crow shooting in the north of England

Here in the north of England, winter and spring can be a difficult time crow shooting to build a decent bags of corvids over decoys, as most of the crow population is dispersed during daylight feeding hours and don’t concentrate their efforts in the same area. A common sight is…

Corvid control – Gamekeeper

Corvid control - Gamekeeper: Corvid control with Larsen traps is a good example of sustainable activity.

Pest control – hooded crows

Hooded crows are a threat to spring lambs and a difficult pest to control, but Bruce Potts thinks they offer some of the most challenging shooting there is

GWCT knocks NT crow ban

The GWCT has criticised the National Trust over its decision to ban the shooting of carrion crow

Do I need a permit to shoot crows where I work?

Do I need a permit to shoot crows where I work?

My place of work is constantly attacked by crows, which damage window seals and make a general mess. Is it legal for me to shoot them with my .22 rifle or do I need some kind of permit?