Crow decoys

How to use crow decoys for corvid control

The problem with decoys at the end of the season around these parts is finding somewhere to go. The crows haven’t been pressured into feeding anywhere in particular due to the mild wet winter.  Optimising chances Picking a location to shoot was a difficult decision as the estate has a lot…

Ruger M77/17 Hornet

Ruger M77/17 Hornet

After the .17 Hornet round was introduced by Hornady it was not long before a rifle was made by Ruger for this mini marvel of the cartridge world. Ruger had a perfect platform for the .17 Hornet round in its excellent M77/22 model — which was capable of shooting the .22LR, .22WMR and .22 Hornet — and…

Pest Cotrol

Pest control on covercrops drillings

After a very early alarm call I was up and on the drillings setting the decoys up, in anticipation about what the morning pest control would bring. Shooting over the drilled crops gives me a rare chance to get stuck into our limited supply of pigeons. However, enticing both pigeons…

Crow Shooting

Crow Shooting

Putting it to the test Once again I have been out crow shooting, mopping up those troublesome pests that have started to cost the farmer money with their relentless attacks on the sheep feeders. With the Mark1 hide straight off the production line, I took it down and set it…

Crow shooting

Crow shooting with raptor decoys

Raptor decoys are the most common predator decoys on the UK market, they come in a variety of different sizes and species, the most common being eagle owls, peregrines and little owls. These all produce the same effect when used in the right situation. The eagle owl decoy in this…

Pest control – hooded crows

Hooded crows are a threat to spring lambs and a difficult pest to control, but Bruce Potts thinks they offer some of the most challenging shooting there is

Do I need a permit to shoot crows where I work?

Do I need a permit to shoot crows where I work?

My place of work is constantly attacked by crows, which damage window seals and make a general mess. Is it legal for me to shoot them with my .22 rifle or do I need some kind of permit?