deer antler knife

How to make an antler handle knife

Every stalker I know has an “antler box” — a collection of cervine debris that has gathered dust for some time, awaiting the rainy day when they would be turned into all manner of useful household items. With self-isolation, that day may have arrived. Making a deer antler knife Most…

Audi A6 Allroad Quattro 50 TDI

Audi A6 Allroad Quattro 50 TDI

At first glance, you might think you’re reading the wrong magazine, testing an Audi A6. But hold your horses — on closer inspection we may have found something that could fit the bill for country sports types. The Audi A6 Allroad Quattro is essentially an A6 with adjustable air suspension…

grey partridges

Conservation in the age of coronavirus

I write this at a time of uncertainty and trepidation for all. COVID-19 has utterly changed our lives in a few short weeks. What the ramifications will 
be, both financial and physical, in 
the medium to long-term are topics 
of much concern and speculation. Those of us who live and…

women's shooting clothing

Finally some shooting clothing for women that’s fit for purpose

As any female involved in fieldsports will know, buying women’s shooting clothing can be a bit of a nightmare. In decades past, I joined my first beating line and was clad in a wax jacket and trousers that disintegrated within a day. Many manufacturers overlooked us and in very recent —more…

Ford Raptor Ranger

Ford Raptor Ranger

The Raptor, being an enhanced Ranger, has a similarly enhanced price tag. It’ll cost you £49,324.64 plus VAT. That’s £18k more than the lower spec Wildtrack edition, which is also a good truck. The Raptor is a very capable truck on and off road and I rather like it. If…

field spaniels on slip leads

Should healthy dog breeds be cheaper to insure?

Dog insurance might be much simpler if healthy dog breeds attracted lower premiums, much as happens with the difference between insuring a Porsche and a Volkswagen Polo. Healthy dog breeds could be categorised as group one, whilst those attracting higher vet bills would be be, say, group 50. This thought…

Suffolk shoot on an autumn day

Shoots press ahead despite uncertainty over COVID-19

The likely effect of COVID-19 on shooting in the UK is becoming clearer as the initial panic starts to subside and more shoots decide how they will approach the coming season. The majority of shoot operators who spoke to Shooting Times said they intended to go ahead with shooting this…

Tikka T1X

Tikka T1X .17 HMR 

Tikka’s entry into the rimfire market a couple of years ago was both a surprise and a welcome addition. Since then, its T1X bolt action rimfire Sporter rifle has been extremely popular, partly due to Tikka’s excellent accuracy and build quality, but also the price of £645. You have the…


Steel yourself

Twenty years ago, when restrictions on the use of lead shot on the foreshore came in, the steel shot cartridges commercially available to wildfowlers were not good enough. Steel shot performance has been playing catch-up ever since and still struggles to slough off its poor reputation. But there was a…

working dog

When it comes to the crunch

Working dog nutrition is a complex topic. There are many food varieties for a working dog diet out there and all sorts of choices an owner can make for their working dog. When you look into it in depth, even for those embedded in the gundog world, it really is…

control foxes

No guarantees with this most wily foe the fox

It will come as no surprise that foxes are the UK’s biggest predator of both ground-nesting birds and released game. Because we don’t have large apex predators to assist with their control, as they do in some other parts of the world, it is down to us. Reasons to control…

disease from foxes

What diseases could my dog pick up from foxes?

Disease from foxes All dogs, including gundogs can get the following disease from foxes: Sarcoptic mange Lungworm Rabies Dogs and foxes do suffer from the same diseases, though, of which the most worrying is rabies. We have been rabies-free in Britain for 98 years — since quarantine for dogs was…

pheasant meatballs

Recipe for pheasant meatballs – pheasant polpette

This easy and delicious recipe for pheasant meatballs from Tom Godber-Ford Moore is a real classic. Polpette are simply meatballs, sometimes cooked plain and sometimes, as is the case here, cooked in a spicy sauce of some kind. Tom has played down the chilli in this version to allow for…

hare hash recipe

Recipe for slow-cooked hare hash

When I was a young chef, 
I worked with a chap known only as Wolfie, who was an excellent cook, and he once spent an hour on a Sunday morning enlightening me as to the best way to make a corned beef hash. This is his recipe, but I have…

EGE 12-bore

EGE 12-bore

When the deputy editor told me he had arranged for an EGE 12-bore shotgun to be sent to me for review, I had to admit I had never heard of it. “It’s coming from ASI,” he added. It must be OK then, 
I thought, if it is coming from the…

slow cooker venison recipe

A recipe for venison biryani to make in a slow cooker

I once toured the basmati fields of Haryana Province, north of Delhi. Basmati is, to me, the world’s finest rice, with a long needle-like shape and heavenly fragrance. In India, 
it is regarded the same way we might 
view a Devon red ruby cow – a rare breed among hybrids.…

trapping pests

New laws on trapping – keepers must tread carefully

It will soon be illegal to use 
a Fenn trap to catch a stoat, but where are we in our quest for its replacement? The list of traps we now have at our disposal is on the Government website for all to see. These traps have been through rigorous testing…

copper bullets

Are copper bullets the way forward?

Using copper bullets for stalking? But isn’t copper toxic?” 
asked a friend. He 
is a staunch defender of lead ammunition. In a discussion about centrefire rifle ammunition, I suggested he read Megan Rowland’s recent piece in Shooting Times. She gave a detailed account of using copper bullets for stalking and…

English classic gun

Is it time to buy an English classic gun?

Always wanted an English classic gun? If you are anticipating a drop in the price of English guns in the wake of the announcement that lead shot should be phased out over the next five years, and are considering taking advantage of the situation, there are some considerations you need…

Testing steel shot

Testing steel vs lead shot on pigeon

British shooting has been divided in recent months by the announcement on the withdrawal of lead shot within five years. While many view the decision to phase out lead and move towards alternatives such as steel as 
a strange route to go down, I see it as 
a potentially positive…